Fama Kiss 216 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Fama Kiss 216 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The Kiss 216 is an ultralight helicopter designed and manufactured by Famà Helicopters, an Italian company. This helicopter was developed based on the Fama Kiss 209 with improvements in flight performance which made the helicopter more practical. These ultralight helicopters can be used in a variety of operations, such as observation flights and area patrols, flight training, and recreation.

Production of the Fama Kiss 216 helicopter began in late 2015. It was produced in several variants, namely Kiss 216M / E (basic production version of the aircraft), Kiss 216MF / E (improved version of Fama Kiss 216M / E), Kiss 216M / SL (ultra-light version), and Kiss 216MF / SL ( modern version of Kiss 216M / SL).

Fama Kiss 216 ultralight helicopter

Fama Kiss 216 Specs

The dimensions of the Kiss 216 helicopter include a length of 8.22 m and a height of 2.6 m. The fuselage is made entirely of carbon. The helicopter frame is built with special steel and tig welding. The helicopter propulsion system consists of a two-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor. The main rotor has a diameter of 7.7 m, the rotor blades are made of carbon with armored profiles to enhance flight safety.

The Fama Kiss 216 is a very unique helicopter, this is the only ultralight helicopter in the world with a landing gear-shiftable landing gear in addition to outstanding performance and 80% development in the company. However, the helicopter can also be mounted with a skid-type landing gear that is adjusted to the operator's request.

Fama Kiss 216 engine

Fama Kiss 216 Engine and Performance

The Kiss 216 helicopter is powered by the latest Turbine FT16 engine which produces an output power of 170 hp with an hourly consumption of 45 l / h. This new turbine engine offers improved performance, this makes the helicopter can fly in the most extreme weather conditions and high temperatures. In addition, the engine has a weight of 30 kg lower than the previous model, thereby increasing fuel consumption efficiency.

The Kiss 216 helicopter can fly with a cruising speed of 185 km / h, a maximum speed of 205 km / h, and reach a range of up to 580 km without additional landing distances. The helicopter has an empty weight of around 300 kg and a maximum take-off weight of around 450 kg. The maximum flight height is 3800 m.

Fama Kiss 216 cockpit

Fama Kiss 216 Cockpit and Avionics

The Fama Kiss 216 cockpit is equipped with management and navigation software that is fully designed and built on an ad-hoc basis by the company's computer engineer. The cockpit has digital instrumentation with alarm detection on the main components also in the headphones.

Fama Kiss 216 Cabin and Interior

The Fama Kiss 216 cabin can accommodate two people consisting of a pilot and a passenger. The cabin has an side-by-side seating configuration. The helicopter does not have large cabin space, so it cannot be used for transporting any cargo.

Fama Kiss 216 Price

The price of the Fama Kiss 216 ultralight helicopter is around US $ 230,000. Prices are adjusted to the type of landing gear chosen.
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