HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – CH-77 Ranabot is an ultralight helicopter designed and manufactured by HeliSport Helicopter, an Italian company. This helicopter is designed to obey European Class 6 micro helicopter rules. It will offer a minimum operational cost of only about 6% higher than its predecessor, CH7 Compress Charlie 2. This ultralight helicopter can be used in a variety of operations, such as utilitarian, flight training, and recreation.

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot ultralight helicopter

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot Specs

The CH-77 Ranabot helicopter was developed based on the successful CH7 Compress. The most important change made is the seat configuration from tandem to side by side. This makes the helicopter much more comfortable.

The dimensions of the CH-77 Ranabot helicopter include a total length of 7.24 m and a height of 2.47 m. The helicopter has a two-bladed main rotor with a diameter of 6.28 m. The helicopter's empty weight is 280 kg, while its maximum weight is 450 to 500 kg. It is equipped with two fuel tanks with a capacity of 33.5 l (8.8 US gal).

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot specs

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot Engine and Performance

The CH-77 Ranabot helicopter is powered by a four-cylinder Rotax 914 engine, compact, and air-cooled. The engine is tuned and balanced by EPA Power, providing 97 kW (130 hp) output power. The helicopter has a range of up to 480 km with endurance for 3 hours. It has a fuel consumption of 15-18 l / h.

The CH-77 Ranabot helicopter can fly at a cruising speed of 160 km / h and a maximum speed of 209 km / h. The helicopter has a rate of climb of 1,500 ft and a maximum operating altitude of 15,700 ft. Hovering IGE and Hovering OGE are 9,000 ft and 7,200 ft respectively.

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot interior cockpit

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot Cabin, Interior, and Cockpit

The CH-77 Ranabot cabin can accommodate two passengers including the pilot. The cabin has an adjoining seating configuration that is perfect for romantic flights or business trips. The color of the seat can be adjusted to the color of the helicopter or as desired. Meanwhile, the CH-77 Ranabot cockpit is equipped with the latest sophisticated flight instruments and has excellent visibility.

HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot Price  

The price of the HeliSport CH-77 Ranabot ultralight helicopter is around US $ 140,000. Prices are adjusted to the type of engine and kit selected.
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