Boeing MH-47G Chinook Specs, Speed, Cockpit, and Price

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Specs, Speed, Cockpit, and Price – Boeing MH-47G Chinook is a special operating variant of the multi-role and heavy duty CH-47 Chinook helicopter. This is in service with the US Army's Special Operations Aviation Command (USASOC). The first MH-47G helicopter just made was sent to USASOC in September 2014.

MH-47G is used in heavy lifting missions such as troop transportation, ammunition, vehicles, equipment, fuel and supplies, as well as civil and humanitarian aid missions. Helicopters can do long distance missions at low levels, in bad weather conditions during the day / night.

The 160 Special Operations Flight Regiment (Air) of the US Army has a requirement for 61 MH-47Gs. The MH-47G modernization program is intended to provide a remanufactured and new MH-47G mixture to USASOC.

Boeing MH-47G Chinook

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Specs

The Boeing MH-47G incorporates a monolithic fuselage, framed engine that integrates a long-distance fuel tank, and a refueling probe that can be extended to receive fuel in the air from fixed wing tankers. The helicopter also has sophisticated cargo handling capabilities.

The fuselage overshadows the rear road to load / unload troops, supplies and vehicles. The port side of this aircraft has a window / port of shooting. The helicopter offers seating for five crew members, including two pilots and three crew or air shooters.

Helicopters can be equipped with special operating equipment such as fast rope insertion (FRIES) extraction systems, special patrol and extraction insertion systems (SPIES), rope ladders, electric powered rescue hoists and personnel location systems (PLS).

The MH-47G Chinook fuselage has a length of 15.9 m and a width of 4.8 m. The overall length of the helicopter with the rotor not folded is 30.18 m. It has a maximum gross weight of 24,494 kg and can carry a useful load of 11,340 kg.

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Engine

The Boeing MH-47G Chinook is powered by two Honeywell T55-GA-714A engines, which develop a maximum power output of 3,529kW each. The engine is equipped with an infrared exhaust suppressor (IR) to reduce the IR's visibility of the helicopter. The helicopter has the capacity to transport 7,828 liters of fuel. The power plant provides a maximum speed of 315 km / h and a long distance fuel tank ensures a maximum mission radius of 630 km.

Boeing MH-47G Chinook cockpit

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Cockpit and Avionics

Boeing MH-47G Chinook has a fully integrated digital cockpit management system. The cockpit accommodates pilots and co-pilots in adjoining arrangements. The goggle-compatible digital night glass cockpit has five liquid crystal multi-function displays (MFD) and two control display units (CDU).

Integrated general digital avionics (CAAS) architecture system of the cockpit enables integration of global communication and navigation systems, including forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and multi-mode radar. FLIR, along with an electro-optical camera mounted under the chin, enables low-level flight in low visibility and bad weather conditions.

The cockpit also has a digital moving map display, two digital data buses, an inertia doppler navigation system, an automatic target hand-off system, a GPS receiver, and a Rockwell Collins low frequency automatic direction search.

On-board communication systems including high frequency radio (HF), ground-channel and single air radio systems, four very high frequency (UHF) / very high frequency (VHF) radios, blue style tracking systems, IFF transponders and digital inter-communication systems (DICS).

Boeing MH-47G Chinook specs

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Weapons System

The MH-47G Chinook helicopter is armed with two electrically operated M134 7.62mm, an air-cooled mini gun and two M262 7.62mm belt-binding machine guns mounted on both sides of the fuselage at the front and rear.

Defensive aids aboard motorboats including joint missile warning systems (CMWS), integrated radio frequency control suites, XM216 laser warning systems and dark flares.

Boeing MH-47G Chinook Price

The price of the latest Boeing MH-47G Chinook is US $ 57 Million.
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