NH90 NFH Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

NH90 NFH Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – NH90 NFH is a modern twin-engine multi-role helicopter developed by NH Industries to meet NATO standards regarding battlefield helicopters which will also be able to be operated in the naval environment. NH Industries as the main contractor of the NH90 NFH helicopter development is a joint venture owned by Leonardo Helicopters from Italy, Airbus Helicopters from France, and GKN Fokker from the Netherlands.

NFH stands for NATO Frigate Helicopter. The main mission of the NH90 NFH helicopter is in the anti-submarine autonomous war (ASW) and the anti-surface ship war (AsuW). So that the helicopter is equipped with various avionics, sensors, and weapons systems.

NH90 NFH helicopter

NH90 NFH Specs

The NH90 NFH helicopter is controlled by three crew members, the pilot, Tacco (tactical coordinator responsible for mission management) and Senso (sensor system operator) in the cabin. The NFH cabin is equipped with avionics bay with sensor operator stations and tactical coordinating stations, dipping sonar and sonobuoy launchers.

In the role of anti-surface warfare, helicopters are able to detect, track, classify, identify and attack hostile ships, and have capabilities above the horizon. Secondary roles include anti-air warfare (AAW), vertical charging (VERTREP), search and rescue (SAR), troop transportation and mine laying.

NH90 NFH Engine

The standard NH90 NFH helicopter is powered by two Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM turboshaft engines 322-01 / 9. For Italian needs, GE Aircraft Engine and Avio together produce other engine models, the T700 / T6E1. The engine is equipped with the FADEC system. This engine has also been chosen by Spain.

The fuel tank, which holds 1,900 kg of fuel, is equipped with its own accident-resistant sealing cell supplied by Uniroyal Englebert Reifen, based in Aachen, Germany.

The fuel management system is by AFG. The auxiliary power unit (APU), from the Microturbo division of the Labinal Group, provides electric engines starting and powering on land operations (ECS) control systems.

NH90 NFH cockpit

NH90 NFH Cockpit and Avionics

Cockpit NH90 NFH has five 8in × 8in multifunctional liquid crystal screens for flight data, mission systems and maintenance. Honeywell Primus 701A weather radar installed.

NH90 NFH has all electric flight controls "fly-by-wire" from Goodrich Actuation Systems and Liebherr Aerospace. This full authority quadruplex system improves aircraft maneuverability while reducing weight. Avionics systems are supplied by Thales Avionics and are based on the MIL-STD-1553B dual digital databus.

The avionics package includes the vision and appearance of the Thales Topowl helmet that has a field of view of 40 °. Topowl also completes Tiger and Rooivalk attack helicopters.

The NH90 NFH helicopter is equipped with an integrated identification and communication management system. A secure radio system provides air-to-air and air-to-ground communications. The TSC 2000 IFF (identification friend or enemy) provided by Thales was developed under the cooperation of Germany and France. This helicopter is equipped with Link 11 secure datalink.

NH90 NFH Sensor

The NH90 NFH helicopter is equipped with a nose-mounted tactical infrared forward-looking infrared (FLIR) system, magnetic anomaly detector (MAD) and sonar suite. The French Navy NFH is equipped with a Flash Sonics sonar system from Thales Underwater Systems, which combines Flash active dye sonar with the TMS 2000 sonobuoy processing system.

NH90 NFH helicopters belonging to the Norwegian and Swedish Navy operate a system version, Flash-S, which is optimized for conditions in the Baltic Sea. Meanwhile, NH90 NFH helicopters belonging to the Netherlands, Italy and Germany are equipped with long-range active sonar (HELRAS). The HELRAS dyeing sonar was supplied by ELAC Nautik from Kiel, Germany, a subsidiary of L-3 Communications.

NH90 NFH helicopters are equipped with Thales European navy radar (ENR) 360° surveillance radar mounted under the nose. ENR comes from Thales Ocean Master and has been jointly developed with EADS and Galileo Avionica. Swedish NFH has an AN / APS-143B (V) 3 Ocean Eye multimode surveillance radar from a US company, Telephonics. Ocean Eye has SAR imaging modes (synthetic synthetic openings) and ISAR (reverse synthetic openings).

NH90 NFH specs

NH90 NFH Weapon and Defense Systems

The NH90 NFH helicopter can be armed with anti-submarine torpedoes, air-to-surface missiles and air-to-air missiles. NH90 NFH helicopters for France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Finland are equipped with a self-protection suite from EADS Defense Electronics, which is also supplied to Tiger helicopters. This suite includes an EADS AN / AAR-60 MILDS early warning missile system, Thales TWE threat warning equipment with integrated radar and laser warning alert receivers and MBDA Saphir-M chaff and flare dispensers.

Norwegian NH90 NFH helicopters must have an integrated radio frequency (IRFCM) countermeasure package ITT AN / ALQ-211. Swedish helicopters are equipped with EW suites supplied by Saab Avionics, along with Avitronics from South Africa. Avitronics is jointly owned by Saab and Grintek.

NH90 NFH Price and Orders

The latest NH90 NFH price is around US $ 59 Million. Since it was first launched until now, the total order of NH90 NFH helicopters is 529, and has been used by the army, navy and air force in 14 countries, such as France, Germany, Italy , Netherlands, and Australia.
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