Avicopter AC313 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Avicopter AC313 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – Avicopter AC313 is the largest Chinese heavy-lifting civilian helicopter manufactured by Avicopter, part of the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC). This helicopter can be operated in carrying out various missions, including search and rescue (SAR), maritime surveillance, fire fighting, offshore oil and gas support, as well as cargo transportation and medical evacuation.

The inaugural flight of the AC313 helicopter was carried out in March 2010 at Jingdezhen airport, Jiangxi province. The helicopter received airworthiness certification from the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) in January 2012. It successfully completed the T5 evaluation test conducted by the Air Evaluation Group (AEG) in December 2013.

Avicopter AC313 Helicopter

Avicopter AC313 Specs

The AC313 helicopter airframe is based on the Harbin Z-8 military helicopter, which is a derivative of the SA 321 Super Frelon Aerospatiale. The fuselage is built using titanium and composite materials. So that even though the helicopter has a large size, but has a relatively lighter weight.

The AC313 helicopter propulsion system includes six main blades of main rotor blades and five blades of tail rotor. The main rotors are made of titanium, while the tail rotors are made of composite materials. This helicopter is designed to offer protection against salt fog and moisture.

Avicopter AC313 Cockpit

Avicopter AC313 Cockpit and Avionics

The AC313 helicopter is equipped with an all-glass cockpit that can accommodate two crew members. The cockpit is equipped with an integrated avionics suite of ARINC-429 digital data buses. It also includes a four-axis autopilot control system and nose mounted search radar.

Avicopter AC313 Engine and Performance

The AC313 helicopter is powered by three PT6B-67A engines, manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Each machine is capable of producing a maximum power output of 1,940 shp. The PT6B-67A engine integrates a three-stage axial and a single-stage centrifugal compressor. The engine is also equipped with automatic fuel control and an electronic power turbine with manual backup. Overall, the engine has a length of 75.1 in and a height of 34.4 in.

With the support of the engine, the AC313 helicopter can fly with a maximum speed of 336 km / h and can reach a maximum altitude of 6,000 m. It has a payload capacity of 13.8 t, including 4 t internal load or 5 t load on an external sling. The helicopter has a maximum range of 485 nmi (900km).

Avicopter AC313 Interior

Avicopter AC313 Cabin and Interior

The spacious cabin of the AC313 helicopter can accommodate up to 27 passengers. The cabin has a height of 1.83 m and an internal space of 23.5 m³. The cabin interior is equipped with comfortable air seats and can be converted to complete VIP missions or emergency medical evacuations.

Avicopter AC313 Price and Orders

Until now, there has been no definitive information from the company regarding the price of AC313 helicopters. However, a number of orders have been received by Avicopter, including Flying Dragon Special Aviation, which ordered five AC313 helicopters as soon as the first flight test was completed in March 2010. Erdos General Aviation ordered two AC313 helicopters in September 2011. Avicopter intends to increase production at a rate of around 300 helicopters AC313 per year in 2015.
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