Harbin Z-19 Specs, Cockpit, Weapon, and Price

Harbin Z-19 Specs, Cockpit, Weapon, and Price – The Z-19 is a light attack helicopter and reconnaissance helicopter developed by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group (HAIG), for the People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). Z-19 helicopters can carry out various assault missions, armed reconnaissance, and reconnaissance missions. This is capable of destroying enemy tanks and other ground targets.

The Z-19 helicopter made its first flight in May 2010. The helicopter was first introduced at the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition, which was held at Airshow China which was held in Zhuhai in November 2012.

Harbin Z-19

Harbin Z-19 Specs

The development of the Harbin Z-19 is based on the Z-9W military utility helicopter, which is a variant built with the license of the US365 Dauphin multi-purpose helicopter. The Z-19 helicopter has a length of 12m and a height of around 4.01m. The maximum take-off weight is 4,500kg, while the empty weight is 2,350kg.

Z-19 helicopter presents a conventional and hidden design that integrates a trimmed forward aircraft and tandem cockpit. It also has a low acoustic mark and can perform operations under difficult weather and environmental conditions.

The Z-19 helicopter is equipped with a four-bladed main rotor, which has a diameter of 11.9 m. Fenestron tail rotors and two fat wings mounted on the fuselage. The fuselage is also equipped with a front landing gear that cannot be pulled to take off and land safely.

Harbin Z-19 Engine

The Harbin Z-19 helicopter is powered by two Turboshaft WZ-8A engines, the engine producing take-off and travel power of 632 kW, respectively. The Z-19 helicopter has a cruising speed of around 245 km / h and a maximum speed of around 280 km / h. This helicopter has a maximum range of 700 km, can ride at speeds of 9 m / s and operate at an altitude of 2,400 m. It can carry out operations in the air for more than three hours.

Harbin Z-19 specs

Harbin Z-19 Weapons System

Weapons carried by Z-19 helicopters are placed under both helicopter wings. This helicopter can carry short-range air-to-air missiles TY-90 (TianYan-90), pistol pods, rocket pods, and 23 mm main automatic cannon mounted on pods and anti-guided missiles by HJ-8 wire guided by wire (ATGM) system developed by NORINCO.

The TY-90 air-to-air missile is 1.86 m long and 90 mm in diameter. The missile weighs 20 kg, which includes a 3 kg warhead and can reach a top speed of Mach 2. The target can be hit by a missile within a range of 500 m to 6 km.

The anti-guided HJ-8 ATGM missile has an overall length of 1.56 m and a diameter of 120 mm. Powered by solid fuel rockets, 25 kg missiles can reach speeds of up to 220 m / s. The maximum operating distance of the missile is 6 km.

Harbin Z-19 cockpit

Harbin Z-19 Cockpit and Avionics

The Z-19 helicopter is operated by two crew members consisting of a pilot and a shooter. The pilot sat in front of the cockpit, while the shooter sat in the back. The fuselage is equipped with impact-resistant steel plates to offer protection to personnel. This helicopter is also equipped with an infrared suppressor exhaust system as protection against infrared-guided threats.

Harbin Z-19 lightweight attack helicopter has a gyro-stabilized sensor tower mounted under the nose. The tower has an infrared camera system (FLIR), laser range finder / designator, and TV.

The Z-19 helicopter is also equipped with the latest MMW (active millimeter wave) radar mounted on a pole to locate and engage targets remotely and is equipped with vision mounted on a sophisticated helmet (HMS) and fly-by-wire control.

Harbin Z-19 Price

The price of the Z-19 attack helicopter is around US $ 14 Million.
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