Sikorsky S-61T Specs, Interior, and Price

Sikorsky S-61T Specs, Interior, and Price – Sikorsky S-61T is a civil variant of the popular SH-3 Sea King helicopter that has been modernized and manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (SAC) and Carson. Known as an industry supporter for more than five decades, this aircraft has been trusted by the US Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, and many international militaries.

Major updates include the main composite rotor blades, advanced glass cockpit and modular wiring harness, all of which enhance aircraft performance, durability and reliability. These improvements offer increased payload, as well as reducing pilot fatigue and aircraft maintenance, improving overall safety.

The enhancement program transforms Sikorsky's original S-61 helicopter into various mission-specific applications such as search and rescue, fire fighting, troop transportation, external transportation and homeland security.

Sikorsky S-61T conducted its first flight test in November 2013. The latest booking for DoS included 13 S-61T helicopters to be used in passenger and cargo transportation missions around the world.

Sikorsky S-61T

Sikorsky S-61T Specs

The modernized Sikorsky S-61T can be equipped to meet various requirements and boast of providing the best value in its class for medium-size multi-mission helicopters. In addition, the modernized S-61T has a sophisticated glass cockpit and all new electrical cables and in accordance with the latest design practices, and modern redundancy requirements are aimed at all aircraft.

Sikorsky S-61T incorporates a number of additional devices, including updated airframe, revamped dynamic components and new composite main rotor blades that provide additional lifting capability. The main update also includes a fixed undercarriage for weight reduction and maintenance, and a safety package. This helicopter is equipped with a defense system for use in dangerous areas, and is equipped with £ 6,000. capacity cargo hook.

Sikorsky S-61T specs

Sikorsky S-61T Engine

Sikorsky S-61T is powered by two GE T58-GE-402 engines and is equipped with engine air particle separators (EAPs). The engine provides more external charge than the helicopter short aircraft version.

The helicopter can take off and land at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level. It has a maximum range of 480nm.

Sikorsky S-61T Interior and Cabin

Sikorsky S-61T cabin offers seating for 15 passengers and two crew members. The aircraft can be adjusted for command and control, medical evacuation, and quick reactions or other security forces' missions.

Sikorsky S-61T cockpit

Sikorsky S-61T Cockpit and Avionics

Sikorsky S-61T has a fully modern glass cockpit equipped with sophisticated avionics that reduce pilot workload, improve safety, and improve situational awareness.

The new cockpit consists of four 6in x 8in integrated display units with fourfold flight management systems, moving maps, synthetic vision, and fully integrated machine instrumentation and crew warning systems (EICAS).

Other avionics features include an automatic direction search system, distance measurement system, integrated digital audio / radio management system, and rear cabin audio control.

Sikorsky S-61T Price and Orders

The latest Sikorsky S-61T price is US $ 3.7 Million. The first two modern S-61 helicopters were sent to DoS in December 2010 to support the mission of the US Embassy in Afghanistan. Sikorsky has so far sent 16 S-61 aircraft modernized to DoS.

The US Department of State (DoS) signed an unlimited five-year unlimited shipping agreement (IDIQ) in 2010 with Sikorsky to buy up to 110 refurbished and modernized S-61 aircraft.
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