Eurocopter EC155 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Eurocopter EC155 Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The EC145 is a twin-engine mid-range passenger transport helicopter developed by Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopter) based on the AS365N Dauphin 2 helicopter. This helicopter has a completely redesigned cabin that provides 40% more passenger space than the previous Dauphin helicopter model, plus a 130% increase volume of luggage space, as well as new rotors, and glass cockpit.

The EC155 helicopter first flew in 1997. It was certified by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) and the German Government Agency (LBA) in 1999 and for single pilot IFR (instrument flight rules) operations in January 2000. This helicopter is suitable for various roles such as parapublic (law enforcement, fire fighting, emergency medical), commercial passenger transportation, VIP / company operations and offshore.

Eurocopter EC155

Eurocopter EC155 Specs

The EC155 helicopter has a five-bladed Spheriflex main rotor with very low vibration levels. Meanwhile, the sheared Fenestron tail rotor has ten asymmetrical blades with a distance around the hub. This helicopter has a low noise level, more than 3dB under the latest ICAO standards.

The EC155 can be equipped with an anti-icing system to enable helicopters to operate in very cold climates. This is the only helicopter in its class that offers an optional ice removal system. This helicopter can be equipped with lifting cranes, cargo slings, fast roping systems, externally mounted rescue rafts and push windows.

Eurocopter EC155 Engine and Performance

The EC155 helicopter is powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 2C1 turbine engines which are equipped with Control Digital Engine Authority Control (FADEC). Each engine is rated 635 kW (851 shp) for takeoff and 597 kW (800s hp) maximum continuous power.

EC155 helicopters can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 275 km / h and cover a range of up to 810 km. It is equipped with four fuel tanks placed under the cabin area and one at the bottom of the middle body, giving a total standard fuel capacity of 1,225 liters. The maximum take-off weight is 4,800 kg.

Eurocopter EC155 interior

Eurocopter EC155 Cabin and Interior

The EC155 cab can accommodate up to 12 passengers with high-density seating, nine in a VIP configuration or six stretchers in the medevac role. The cabin is 2.55 m long and 2.10 m wide with one large sliding door on each side. At the rear of the cabin there is a conveyance room.

VIP EC155 cabin is equipped with Cocoon Iso-Quiet interior developed by American Eurocopter and Heritage Aviation Ltd, both based in Grand Prairie Texas. The interior of the Advanced Iso-Quiet Cocoon has a multi-wall cocoon concept with an acoustic barrier that is embedded during the manufacturing of composite wall panels.

The Heritage Interior allows the EC155 to be equipped with a variety of seating configurations, from a four-spot VVIP configuration to a ten-place, high density arrangement. An electrically driven privacy window can be installed.

Eurocopter EC155 cockpit

Eurocopter EC155 Cockpit and Avionics

The EC155 cockpit has an integrated digital flight control system, MEGHAS, from Thales (formerly Sextant) Avionics. This system is part of the Thales Avionique Nouvelle series which is used in a modular form on Eurocopter EC120 and EC145 helicopters. The system consists of a four-axis autopilot and seven screens with two for flight control including electronic-made horizons, two displaying route information, three main screens showing engine and system parameters and warning indicator lights. The optional eighth multifunctional screen, 6 in x 8 in is dedicated to the display of mission equipment, such as electronic maps, FLIR (infrared looking ahead), and radar.

The EC155 helicopter can be equipped with a health and usage monitoring system (HUMS), Honeywell Mark XXII Enhanced Land Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) and the EADS Hellas barrier (Helicopter Laser Radar) warning system.

Eurocopter EC155 Price

The price of an EC155 helicopter is around US $ 10 million. To date, more than 500 EC155 helicopters have been produced and operate in various operators throughout the world, including the Hong Kong Government, the German Federal Border Guard (BGS), the Petroleum Shell Development Company in Nigeria, Azerbaijan Airlines, Samsung in South Korea, the Royal Police Thailand and Heli Air Monaco / Monacair for VIP transportation of the Monaco royal family.
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