MD Helikopters MD 500E Specs, Interior, and Price

MD Helikopters MD 500E Specs, Interior, and Price – MD 500E is a lightweight single-engine utility helicopter manufactured by MD Helicopters Inc. from Mesa, Arizona, United States. MD 500E helicopters can be used in various missions, such as public utilities and executive transport. For more than 20 years, MD 500E has earned a reputation as hands-down, providing the highest speed, payload and productivity in its class, with low direct operating costs.

MD 500E helicopter

MD 500E Specs

MD 500E fuselage has a three-dimensional frame-type structure with an internal roll bar to protect the pilot and passengers as well as offer enhanced passenger safety. The skid type landing gear is equipped with oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers. Helicopters can be equipped with snow skiing or for amphibious operations to float utility or emergency inflatable floats can be installed.

The MD 500E helicopter that has a fully supported five-blade rotor is articulated. The slats are secured with a stack of armored straps. The diameter of the helicopter rotor is 8.05 m but the rotor can be folded for storage. Quiet tail rotor Four-bladed knights can be installed as two-blade rotors to replace approved emissions. The high tail and tip fins provide compatibility with the helicopter at high and low speeds and in sharp maneuverability.

MD 500E Engine

The MD 500E helicopter is powered by a single Rolls-Royce turboshaft engine, both type 250-C20B 313kW (420shp) or 250-C20R 336kW (450shp), providing 280kW take-off power. MD 500E has a maximum cruising speed of 135 knots (249 kpj / 155 mph), operating altitude of 16,000 ft, and a range of 290 nm.

Two accident-resistant elastomer fuel tanks are installed between keel beams that are resistant to accidents and bulkhead under the cabin floor. This tank has a total fuel capacity that can be accommodated 242 liters. The refueling point is on the right side. For longer distances, additional fuel tanks or higher capacity tanks are available.

MD 500E interior

MD 500E Interior and Cabin

The MD 500E helicopter cabin is equipped with an interior seat with an aircraft pod front seat accommodating the pilot and two passengers. The rear of the cabin is equipped with individual seats for two or four passengers with luggage space provided under the rear seat.

The air temperature in the cabin can be controlled using the AC Aero Engineering Corporation. To save space, an air conditioner installed with a pod pod can be installed. The cabin is equipped with a headset and microphone. Public address systems can be installed.

Alternative interior that fits in with a cabin designed for medical evacuation. The back of the cabin has room for two patients and seats for one medical officer.

MD 500E cockpit

MD 500E Cockpit and Avionics

The MD 500E helicopter is equipped with a dual navigation system Honeywell KX175 and Honeywell (formerly Allied Signal) KR 85 automatic direction finder, night flying lighting, gyroscope direction and direction, and indicator of speed climbing. Alternative avionics are equipped with Rockwell Collins VHF-251/231 navigation receivers equipped with IND-350 navigation indicators and ADF-650 automatic Direction finders.

Communication system based on Honeywell KY195 dual receivers and KT76 transponders or alternatively, TDR-950 transceivers and transponders.

MD 500E Price and Orders

The latest MD 500E helicopter price is US $ 1.9 Million. In 2008, MD helicopters sent nine MD 500E to Columbus Police.
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