Kamov Ka-62 Specs, Interior, and Price

Kamov Ka-62 Specs, Interior, and Price – Kamov Ka-62 is the new medium twin engine multirole helicopter manufactured by Kamov Design Bureau, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. This helicopter comes from its predecessor Ka-60 military helicopter. The Kamov Ka-62 prototype first completed its first flight in April 2016. The helicopter can carry out passenger and cargo transportation, medical evacuation, search and rescue, ice reconnaissance, oil and gas pipeline maintenance, and highway patrol missions.

Kamov Ka-62

Kamov Ka-62 Specs

Kamov Ka-62 has an aerodynamic fuselage, so the helicopter becomes very resistant to the angle of air strike. About 60% of the fuselage consists of polymer composites.

These helicopters are designed to operate from unsealed runways and short runways even in hostile climate conditions. This is designed to meet international aviation safety requirements.

The Kamov Ka-62 has a single rotor with a multi-blade anti-torque rotor that is routed to the vertical caudal fin. It has a five-blade main rotor, closed tail rotor. The anti-torque rotor serves to prevent accidental damage. It houses the advanced thermal electric anti-icing system, air conditioning system, fire prevention system, tailboom, fin, vertical stabilizer, gearbox and carbon rotor blades reinforced by Kevlar.

Kamov Ka-62 specs

Kamov Ka-62 Engine

Kamov Ka-62 is powered by two Turbomeca Ardiden 3G turboshaft engines with a value of 1,306 kW each. This was initially powered by the Saturn RD-600V NPO turboshaft engine with 969kW of power, but the engine was replaced due to high fuel consumption and problems in the gear box.

The Ardiden 3G turboshaft engine is equipped with full authority dual-channel digital engine control, gear accessory box, two-stage centrifugal compressor, backflow burner, fuel injector, oil tank, one-stage high-pressure turbine, and two-stage power turbine.

The maximum speed of Kamov Ka-62 is 300 km / h while the cruising speed is 270 km / hr. This helicopter can go up at a speed of 11.7m / s. The range is 770km and the service ceiling is 5,000m. The maximum durability of the aircraft is 4.3 hours.

Kamov Ka-62 interior

Kamov Ka-62 Interior and Cabin

The Kamov Ka-62's spacious cabin has a length, width and height of 3.4 m, 1.7 m and 1.3 m respectively. The standard configuration of the helicopter has 14 passenger seats in four rows or 2,500kg of goods covering a luggage compartment of 2.16m3. The VIP configuration can carry five to nine seats and refreshing bars.

Kamov Ka-62 cabin can carry cargo pallets or bulk cargo on external slings when used as freight carriers. Helicopters can be easily reconfigured to carry stretchers and cargo ties. The cabin is also equipped with large forward sliding doors mounted on both sides of the flight deck. There is a small door attached to the back on both sides of the cabin.

Kamov Ka-62 cockpit

Kamov Ka-62 Cockpit and Avionics

The Kamov Ka-62 has full-digital glass cockpit accommodates two crew members, the pilot and co-pilot. This helicopter is equipped with a modern avionics suite that is suitable for visual flight rules (VFR) or flight rules instruments (IFR).

Kamov Ka-62 Price and Orders

The latest Kamov Ka-62 price is around US $ 10 Million. Atlas Táxi Aéreo made an order with a Russian Helicopter for seven Kamov Ka-62 helicopters in December 2012.
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