MD Helikopters MD 530F Specs, Interior, and Price

MD Helikopters MD 530F Specs, Interior, and Price – MD 530F is a lightweight single-engine helicopter that can accommodate 5 passengers, manufactured by MD Helicopters Inc. from Mesa, Arizona, United States. This helicopter has the ability to carry out various kinds of missions, currently used globally by commercial, government and military operators. MD 530F is certified for single pilot operations under visual flight rules / visual meteorological conditions.

MD 530F helicopter was initially certified in July 1985. The helicopter has received a certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and also the Aerospace Safety Administration (EASA) type certificate.

MD 530F helicopter

MD 530F Specs

MD 530F helicopter is 7.28m long, 1.40m wide and 2.65m high. The airframe MD 530F has an efficient teardrop-shaped aerodynamic structure that combines a high horizontal stabilizer. The fuselage is a semi-monocoque construction, made mainly of aluminium alloy. It consists of a rigid three-dimensional frame type structure, with an integral roll-bar design, to improve occupant safety.

The structure of the fuselage is designed to absorb energy and fail progressively in the event of an impact. The occupant seat crush box is incorporated into the design and provides 20g shock resistance. The fuselage includes doors for pilots, copilots, and passenger areas on both sides that can be quickly removed for flight.

MD 530F helicopter has a main rotor system of five relatively small diameter blades and a short tail with a high horizontal stabilizer with two end plates to provide vertical, elongated and lateral stability in forward flights. The rotor blades can be folded to allow limited enclosure storage. It is equipped with two blade tail rotor for anti-torque.

The MD 530F helicopter features a one-way clutch between the engine and the main rotor transmission allowing freewheeling of the main rotor during automatic rotation. The rotor is supported by a perforated static pole mounted on the main structure that absorbs all flight loads, allowing transmission to only provide torque.

The MD 530F electrical system is a direct current (DC) system with electrical power supplied by 24-volt nickel-cadmium batteries and a 28-volt, 85-amp generator engine driven. The electrical system incorporates a protected generic power cable harness to minimize electromagnetic interference (EMI). Front and rear relay contacts protect the main electric bus and feeder cable. Excess diode protects circuits from excessive ground power voltage. An external power container is available for ground power.

MD 530F Engine

MD 530F helicopter is powered by a single Rolls-Royce Model 250-C30 turboshaft engine, the MD 530F has a nominal empty weight of 1,591 pounds (722 kg) and a maximum gross takeoff weight of 3,100 pounds. The rating is for the MD 530F with a Rolls-Royce 250-C30 turboshaft with a value of 650 shp (485 kW), down to takeoff power - 425 shp (317 kW), maximum continuous power - 350 shp (261 kW).

The engine compartment is located behind and below the passenger compartment. The engine compartment provides a closed mounting platform for turboshaft engines and can be easily accessed behind two contoured shell-type doors with a fuselage shape. The engine compartment can be easily accessed without supporting equipment on land or special equipment.

The MD 530F fuel system consists of two interconnected bladder cells with a total capacity of 64 gallons (242.30 liters) located in the bay under the floor of the passenger / cargo compartment at the bottom. Each bladder cell is supported internally by the fuselage and contains an electric-powered quantity transmitter that monitors the fuel level and provides the pilot with the amount of fuel.

MD 530F helicopter has a cruising speed of 135 knots (249 kpj / 155 mph), with useful internal loads at a maximum gross weight of 1,519 pounds (689 kg). The hover out of ground effect was 6,800 feet (2,073 m) and the hover in ground effect was 8,500 feet (2,591 m). The climbing rate at maximum gross weight is 1,770 feet (9.0 m / sec). The maximum operating height is 16,000 feet (4,877 m) with operations of -40 to + 52C (-40 to 126F).

MD 530F interior

MD 530F Interior and Cabin

The MD 530F interior consists of the cockpit area, cabin compartment, and engine compartment. MD 530F is provided with the utility interior. Cabin environment control is carried out with an heating system and integral defogging and an external air circulation system. Heating and defogging systems do not require additional equipment and using an oil cooler blower supplies non-hot air and the turboshaft engine compressor supplies hot air.

The passenger compartment provides space for passengers, cargo, or multi-mission equipment. The back of the passenger compartment provides increased headroom and visibility. The standard seat is made of padded material and is attached to the back bulkhead. Optional aluminum tube frames and black mesh seats are also available.

Cabin ventilation with ambient external air is available using mechanical controls installed in the instrument panel to operate movable propellers. In addition, ventilators installed in adjustable windows are installed in each window of the door to provide forced air into the cabin into the cabin or provide air ventilation out. The air conditioning system is an available option.

MD 530F cockpit

MD 530F Cockpit and Avionics

The MD 530F cockpit can accommodate pilots and / or copilots. The minimum crew is one pilot in command position. The instrument panel is located at the front of the cockpit, and provides space for a complete complement of avionics equipment. The instrument panel layout makes it easy to scan flight instruments.

The cockpit is ergonomically designed to facilitate single pilot operation in left or right command configuration. All controls are within easy pilot range. The chair is made of padded material and is attached to the front insulation. Right behind the crew station, the bulkhead behind the front compartment separates the cockpit and the passenger / cargo compartment.

MD 530F helicopter incorporates a modern cockpit of instrumentation / avionics consisting of a Garmin G500 series that includes multi-function and main flight display (MFD, PFD) and a pointing machine and crew warning system (EICAS). EICAS will replace warnings and warnings. The latest generation of electronic flight instrumentation systems will work with additional equipment such as GTN650 GPS / NAV / COM and automatic surveillance broadcasts (ADS-B) to provide next generation air transport system compatibility.

MD 530F Price and Orders

The latest MD 530F helicopter price is US $ 2.4 Million.
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