Bell 407GT Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Bell 407GT Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The Bell 407GT is a lightweight attack helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron. This helicopter can be used in a variety of missions and can be reconfigured according to transport, medical evacuation, search and rescue (SAR), command and mission control forces.

The Bell 407GT was introduced in March 2013 at the Heli-Expo conference in Las Vegas, USA. The helicopter was exhibited at the ninth LAAD biennial International Defense and Security Exhibition in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in April 2013.

Bell 407GT lightweight attack helicopter

Bell 407GT Specs

The Bell 407GT is an armed version of the Bell 407GX civil utility helicopter, which features improvements over the Bell 412 EP and 412 EPI helicopters. It was combined with a universal weapon pole (UWP) from the Bell OH-58D Kiowa Warrior. Overall, the Bell 407GT helicopter has a length of 12.7 m, a height of 3.56 m, and a rotor diameter of 10.67 m.

This helicopter has a weapons system that can be configured for tactical operations. It also includes enhanced mission capabilities, such as superior payload and outreach with modern commercial training and product support systems. It features a four-bladed main rotor system.

The Bell 407GT helicopter has an empty weight of 1,210 kg (2,668 lb) and an external gross weight of 2,722 kg (6,000 lb). It has a useful load of 1,058 kg (2,332 lb) and a maximum extension load of 1,200 kg (2,646 lb).

Bell 407GT Engine and Performance

The Bell 407GT is powered by a Rolls Royce 250-C47B turboshaft engine that can produce a maximum power output of 606 kW at takeoff. This engine is equipped with a full diesel engine control system (FADEC).

The Bell 407GT can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 246 km/ h with a maximum endurance of 3.8 hours. This helicopter has a range of 330 nm with a standard fuel capacity of 484 liters. This can be equipped with an additional fuel tank with a capacity of 72 liters.

Bell 407GT cockpit

Bell 407GT Cockpit and Avionics

The Bell 407GT digital cockpit is supplied by the Garmin G1000H. The cockpit is equipped with two 10.4 in. High resolution LCD screens with a multifunctional display and increased situational awareness. This includes the third Aerocomputer display for infrared images.

The cockpit is integrated with a sophisticated instrument panel and is compatible with night vision. It also features reconnaissance and laser designation capabilities. The Bell 407GT avionics suite includes Wescam MX-15DI and FLIR Systems 230-H. A separate suite is included for aircraft survivability (ASE) equipment and tactical radio suites.

Bell 407GT Cabin and Interior

The Bell 407GT's spacious cabin accommodates up to six passengers and one crew member. The cabin is equipped with high visibility window and door features that can be shifted on both sides for quick entry or exit. The cabin is also equipped with a luggage compartment.

Bell 407GT specs

Bell 407GT Weapons

The Bell 407GT helicopter can be armed with a flexible weapons system and can be configured to carry out tactical operations including an advanced precision killer weapons system (APKWS) developed by BAE Systems. The helicopter can also be equipped with a variety of optional weapon kits, which include version 2.75 guided semi-active lasers from the existing Hydra 70 purple rocket system with a range of more than 5,000 m, AGM-114 Hellfire, General Dynamics GAU-19/ B 0.50 caliber machine gun , and the LifePort armor protection system.

It features a universal pole weapon (UWP) that configures a machine gun or rocket. UWP provides a stable platform for the delivery of appropriate weapons, which can be configured quickly and can also be removed easily for other requirements, such as rescue or medical evacuation.

Bell 407GT Price and Orders

The price of the latest Bell 407GT helicopter is around US $ 3.1 million. At present, the Bell 407GT has been operating with the Royal Jordanian Air Force, the Royal Jordanian Special Operations Brigade, and the Royal Saudi Army Aviation Command during May and June 2014.
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