Boeing AH-6i Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price

Boeing AH-6i Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price – The Boeing AH-6i is a light attack/ reconnaissance helicopter designed primarily for the export market. This is an advanced variant of the AH-6M helicopter operated by the US Army's Special Operations Forces. The helicopter was intended to provide close air support for ground troops. It can also function as an attack platform to destroy enemy tanks, armored vehicles and fortifications.

The AH-6 helicopter program was announced by Boeing at the Annual Meeting and Exposition of the United States Army Association (AUSA) held in October 2008. Boeing began construction of the first AH-6i prototype at the Mesa facility in early 2009. The prototype helicopter successfully completed its maiden flight in September 2009. Boeing held an AH-6i flight demonstration for the US Army Armed Forces Air Scout program in September 2012.

Boeing AH-6i light attack helicopter

Boeing AH-6i Specs

The design of the Boeing AH-6i fuselage is based on the AH-6M helicopter. The structure of the fuselage is strengthened to cope with weight gain and weaponry. The fuselage includes a ballistic tolerant main tank and a new advanced canopy structure for avionics. Ground clearance is also enhanced by extended landing gear wheels. Modular design allows integration of flexible mission configurations, as well as additional capabilities for future needs.

The AH-6i helicopter has a new main and tail rotor system for superior performance. Flight characteristics are further enhanced by the addition of improved directional control, new vertical stabilizers and collective trim actuators. Overall, the AH-6i helicopter has a length of 7.5 m, a height of 1.6 m, and a width of 3.3 m. The wingspan of the helicopter is 8.38 m. This helicopter can carry a 907 kg load.

Boeing AH-6i Engine

The Boeing AH-6i helicopter is powered by a Rolls-Royce 250-C30R/ 3M turboshaft engine which develops 650 shp power output. The machine is controlled by a Full Authority Digital Electronic Controller (FADEC). This allows a maximum speed of 132 kt.

Boeing AH-6i cockpit

Boeing AH-6i Cockpit and Avionics

The new sophisticated glass cockpit design of the AH-6i helicopter incorporates a window-bubble crew door. The cockpit holds two crew members, including a pilot and co-pilot. The cockpit that is compatible with night vision goggle (NVG) integrates two multifunctional displays, an advance display, a 3-in-1 flight information display, a vertical information display and a pilot panel and a co-pilot intercom control station (ICS).

Special panels are provided for electric power, radio control, weaponry, disposal and lighting. The navigation equipment and systems in the AH-6i include LN251 INS/ GPS, Boeing's integrated digital map, L3 standby flight instrumentation system, HARCO air data computer and APN-209 radar altim. This helicopter is equipped with a digital communication system Wulfsberg RT5000/ C5000.

Boeing AH-6i Sensor

The AH-6i helicopter is equipped with the Wescam MX-15Di E-IR L-3 targeting sensor system. The MX-15 sensor can be integrated with up to six high performance sensors, including a laser pointer with LRF, laser illuminator, eye-safe laser range finder, color daylight camera with zoom lens, mono daylight camera with spotter and infrared (IR) lenses with a zoom four steps high magnification.

Boeing AH-6i specs

Boeing AH-6i Weapons

Weapons that can be integrated in AH-6i helicopters are types of light weapons, including the 7.62 mm M-134D mini-gun, GAU-19 12.7 mm mini-gun, M260 seven-shot rocket pod, guided by 70 mm laser. FFAR), and Hellfire semi-active laser (SAL).

Hellfire is a laser-guided air-to-surface (ASM) missile equipped with multimission and multi-target precision strike capabilities. The integrated weapons support system allows AH-6 to carry out counterattack missions involving the destruction of the installation of the main enemy.

Boeing AH-6i Price and Orders

The price of a Boeing AH-6i light attack helicopter is around US $ 2 Million. In 2010, the Jordanian Government also signed a letter of intent to procure AH-6i attack helicopters/ reconnaissance helicopters. In February 2012, Boeing and the Government of Saudi Arabia signed an acceptance letter for 36 AH-6i helicopters.

In addition to countries from the Middle East, South American countries including Colombia, Brazil and Argentina also showed their interest in AH-6i helicopters.
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