Airbus H225M Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Airbus H225M Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – H225M is a multimission dual-engine heavy helicopter manufactured by Airbus Helicopters. This helicopter is a member of the family of Super Puma / Cougar helicopters which were previously developed by Eurocopter. The H225M helicopter is developed from the civil version H225. The helicopter completed its first flight in November 2000 and now operates in ten countries around the world, including France, Brazil, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Singapore and Thailand.

The new H225M is based on a fuselage and a proven structural design from Cougar mk2, with a new five-blade main rotor and reinforced main gearbox. This helicopter also has a new integrated screen display and piloting system. The new H225M version is capable of carrying much higher military loads at faster speeds, while also having increased range.

This helicopter is suitable for various missions such as tactical troop transportation, special operations, search and rescue, CSAR, maritime supervision, humanitarian logistical support, medical evacuation and ship operations. The range of ferry flights is more than 1,200 nm. In the tactical forces' transportation role, the helicopter can carry 19 troops through a 250nm action radius. In the CSAR role, H225M is able to save the crew falling at the 280nm action radius.

Airbus H225M helicopter

Airbus H225M Specs

The H225M fuselage is made of lightweight alloy material with large composite medium structures and cowlings. The milled frame with the engine is strengthened for collision feasibility. The crew and troops are protected by removable armor. The maximum seat capacity is two crew and 29 troops. This helicopter is equipped with a double hoist system and has a 5t sling capacity.

The H225M helicopter is equipped with a main rotorhead and a new 'Spheriflex' tail with a diameter of 6.2 m. The five bladed main rotor is fully composite, with composite spars, multiple box structures, and anhedral tipcross. Setting five blades provides very low vibration levels. Horizontal rotors and stabilizers can be equipped with anti-icing and de-icing systems.

The main H225M gearbox is strengthened for compatibility with increased turbine engine power and increased helicopter maximum weight. Helicopters use gear trains that are identical to Cougar mk2. Emergency lubrication sprays are installed in the gearbox to allow for 30 minutes without oil.

The helicopter has a retractable and can be supplied three-wheeled landing gear supplied by Messier-Bugatti. Each unit pulls back and is equipped with double chamber pneumatic shock absorbers. Emergency floatation units can be installed in the main landing gear fairings and on the front of the fuselage.

Airbus H225M Engine

The H225M helicopter is powered by two Turbomeca Makila 2A turboshaft engines, each providing 1,800 kW of power, up 14% from the previous 1A2 engine version. Every machine, complete with systems and accessories, is independent. The infrared pressure system is installed to reduce the helicopter's thermal signature.

The engine is equipped with dual-channel dual-authority digital engine controls (FADEC), while the protective air intake grille prevents the entry of debris into the engine. Free turbine has a blade shedding architecture for high reliability and security.

The main fuel tank can accommodate 2,539 liters of fuel, installed under the cabin floor. Auxiliary tanks can be installed in cargo hook wells (capacity 324l) or in the rear of the cabin (990l). The helicopter can be equipped with a probe for air-to-air refueling. The refueling system has been validated in Cougar mk2.

H225M helicopters can rise at a rate of 3.6 m / s. The maximum speed and cruising of each aircraft are 324 km / h and 277km / hour. The range is 1,482 km and the service ceiling is 6.095m.

Airbus H225M cockpit

Airbus H225M Cockpit and Avionics

The H225M helicopter is equipped with an all-glass cockpit, with new avionics and a new integrated display system, including digital maps. The display suite includes seven active liquid crystal displays: four 6in x 8in multifunction screens and two helicopter 4in x 5in screen parameters.

Advanced cockpit helicopters and avionics system (AHCAS) include an automated flight control system developed by SAGEM, which integrates flight data, navigation and tactical missions.

H225M is equipped with radar and FLIR (forward-looking infrared) for SAR capability day and night. Navigation suites including Doppler radars, global positioning systems and inertial navigation systems. SAR systems can be programmed to provide automatic search, transition and hover patterns.

Airbus H225M specs

Airbus H225M Weapons System

The H225M helicopter can carry side firing weapons, such as two general purpose 7.62mm machine guns and a 20mm cannon. The helicopter can also be equipped with an axial pod, such as two 68mm rocket launchers or two 20mm cannons.

Electronic warfare systems include radar warning receivers, laser warning receivers, missile approach warners and husk and flare dispensers. The helicopter can also be equipped with an axial pod, such as two 68mm rocket launchers or two 20mm cannons.

Airbus H225M Price and Orders

The latest Airbus H225M price is around US $ 28 million. The French Air Force, launch customer, ordered six H225M for use in the search and rescue combat role (CSAR). The first was sent in February 2005 and shipments ended in May 2007.

French H225M helicopters were deployed in 2006 in Lebanon to help evacuate personnel, as well as in Afghanistan. Two helicopters have been stationed in Kabul since early 2007 to support NATO's International Security Forces. H225M is used for more than 95% of operations in Kabul.

In April 2009, five additional H225M helicopters were ordered by the French Ministry of Defense as part of the government's economic recovery plan worth € 220 million ($ 314 million). The first H225M of five helicopters was sent in June 2011.

In December 2008, Brazil ordered € 1.9 billion ($ 2.72 billion) in orders for 50 H225M helicopters, 16 for the Navy, 16 for the army and 18 for the air force. The helicopter is being produced in Brazil by a subsidiary of Eurocopter Helibras. The first three H225M helicopters were sent to Brazil in December 2010.

Two H225M helicopters have also been ordered by Dirgantara for the Indonesian Air Force. In April 2012, Eurocopter received orders from PT Dirgantara Indonesia / Indonesian Aerospace to supply six additional helicopters for the Indonesian Air Force. The first shipment of helicopters was completed in November 2014. The Indonesian Air Force ordered eight additional H225M helicopters in January 2019.

The indigenous H225M helicopter was first shipped to the Brazilian Navy in June 2014. A total of 28 helicopters were handed over to the Brazilian Armed Forces in May 2017. Deliveries are scheduled for completion in 2022.
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