Kaman K-MAX Helicopter Specs, Cockpit, and Price

Kaman K-MAX Helicopter Specs, Cockpit, and Price – Kaman K-MAX is a lifting helicopter with an intermeshing (synchropter) rotor manufactured by Kaman Aerospace, United States. Kaman K-MAX with intermeshing rotors, which eliminates the need for tail rotors, giving Kaman K-MAX the natural capacity to float, increasing its stability. K-MAX can be used for heavy lifting missions, such as firefighters, construction companies, and the military. The helicopter is capable of lifting more than 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg) more than the weight of an empty helicopter.

Lockheed Martin and Kaman Aerospace have worked together to transform the Kaman K-MAX power helicopter into an unmanned air system (UAS) that is capable of operating autonomously or remotely controlled. Versions of unmanned helicopters with optional remote controls have been developed and evaluated in expanded practical services in the war in Afghanistan.

Kaman K-MAX

Kaman K-MAX Specs

Kaman K-MAX is a direct derivative of previous helicopters from World War II, namely the German Flettner FI 265 and 282 respectively. The development of the helicopter is intended primarily as an external cargo lift helicopter. The Kaman K-MAX fuselage is made of lightweight alloy construction and has a simple and strong design. The rotor blades and covers are made of carbon-reinforced plastic and high-strength glass fiber. The machine moves two pairs of rotor blades that mix and rotate.

Kaman K-MAX has a dual rotor system with two intermeshing rotors which makes the aircraft more lightweight aluminum and cheaper to maintain. Flaps, similar to those on an aircraft wing, are integrated into each rotor, giving Kaman K-MAX greater control than conventional helicopters and making the aircraft the world's first helicopter designed and certified for external lifting operations.

This intermeshing rotor design is one approach to torque problems that systems such as NOTAR, tail rotors and tandem rotors also complete. For cargo helicopters that require maximum lift with the design of tandem rotors such as the CH-47 Chinook is a good solution, but this aircraft is not at all compact. They need a large crew and are relatively expensive. The CH-47 is 30 m long, while the K-MAX is only 16 m in size and can carry a total load not far from the original CH-47 specification.

Kaman K-MAX only needs one crew member and thanks to its relatively simple operation. K-MAX is a candidate for unmanned flights, with a drone version already under development. Unmanned Kaman K-MAX has unmatched lifting capabilities even in the harshest conditions. A valuable ally in the Alps or the Persian Gulf, K-MAX can lift and produce up to 6,000 pounds. cargo at sea level and more than 4,000 lbs. at an altitude of 15,000 feet.

Kaman K-MAX helicopter is equipped with a fixed tricycle type landing gear. Each unit has a bear leg plate that is installed around the wheels to land and take off from snow and soft soil. The main wheels are mounted on transverse tubes and are equipped with impact resistant rubber press units, individual foot powered brakes and parking brakes. The single wheel nose unit has oleo suspension and can be rotated and locked.

The trolley system allows the cargo latch to move back and forth across the plane's stomach, thereby increasing cargo stability. Curved lines where cargo hooks are part of a highly reinforced structure that results in repeated and reliable lift.

Kaman K-MAX specs

Kaman K-MAX Engine

Kaman K-MAX is powered by a single Honeywell turboshaft engine, type T53-17A-1, with takeoff power of 1.007kW. The engine is lowered to provide high standards of reliability and long operating life. A fuel tank with a capacity of 865 liters is installed at the center of the helicopter's gravity for stability. The fuel system is equipped with two electric fuel pumps.

K-MAX can move quickly with a large payload capacity, which reaches 6,855 lb (3109 kg). The maximum speed of K-MAX is 12 mph (185 km / h) at an altitude of up to 15,000 feet (4572 m). When carrying external loads, the speed of the helicopter is limited to 148 km / hr. The propeller can be aligned instead of being crossed to allow the helicopter to be parked in a narrow area.

Kaman K-MAX cockpit

Kaman K-MAX Cockpit and Avionics

The Kaman K-MAX cockpit holds one impact and collision-resistant seat provided by Simula and is equipped with a five-point seat belt. The pilot has an excellent forward, side and down view of the narrow fuselage. The curved windshield is equipped with demister. Panels on domed side windows can be opened to provide a clearer direct view and in hot weather the helicopter can be flown with the side door removed.

The cargo compartment behind the pilot, capacity 0.74 m³, is equipped with a cargo binder ring. One or two passenger seats can be installed externally on the side of the helicopter in front of the main wheel foot.

Kaman K-MAX Price and Orders

The latest Kaman K-MAX price is US $ 7.5 Million. Kaman K-MAX has been used by civil operators in various countries, such as Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, Liechtenstein, Peru, Switzerland, Taiwan, the United States and Malaysia.

In September 2004, Kaman Aerospace announced that it had sent all K-MAX helicopters in its inventory. 27 K-MAX helicopters in service.

In August 2008, Kaman sent the first of two K-MAX helicopters that were updated to Lockheed Martin Systems Integration - Owego, to be used in testing and development for manned / unmanned helicopter programs.
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  1. Looking for k max pilot, Kevin Bruchard. Saw a documentary up in Alaska today where he was the pilot. Would like to get in touch with him.
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