Eurocopter EC120 Colibri Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Eurocopter EC120 Colibri Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The EC120 Colibri (also known as Hummingbird) is a single-engine lightweight helicopter developed by an industrial partnership consisting of Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopter), China Aero-Technology Technology Import and Export Corporation (CATIC) and Singapore Technologies Aerospace. The first flight of the first production EC120 helicopter was conducted in 1997. This helicopter can be used for corporate or VIP transportation, medical and evacuation, training, as a utility helicopter, or for various police or federal operations.

Eurocopter EC120 Colibri

Eurocopter EC120 Specs

The EC120 helicopter is driven by a 10 m diameter three-bladed main rotor which rotates clockwise. The main rotor is made of a composite construction that is resistant to impact and corrosion. Meanwhile, the helicopter is equipped with a 0.75 m diameter phenestron tail rotor having eight asymmetric composite blades. This helicopter has an external noise level of almost 7dB below the limits specified in current ICAO law, making it one of the very quiet helicopters.

The EC120 helicopter is equipped with a fixed slip landing wheel that supports operation on all terrain. Optional equipment offered for the EC120 includes air conditioning, emergency flotation equipment, radio navigation equipment, sand filters, electrically controlled mirrors, sash, spotlights with variable cockpit-controlled elevation and azimuth to complete the nose mounted lights on the base plane, 1.5m long skis for takeoff and landing on snow-covered ground, and a single windshield wiper system with one motor and two wipers (removable as needed).

Eurocopter EC120 Engine and Performance

The EC120 helicopter is powered by a Turbomeca TM 319 Arrius 2F two-module turbofan engine, with 335 kW of continuous power and is equipped with full digital electronic control (FADEC) control. This helicopter is equipped with two fuel tanks with a capacity of 416 l.

Eurocopter EC120 can fly with a maximum speed of 278 km / h and a cruising speed of 226 km / h. Climbing speed is 396 m / min. The ceiling and range of helicopter services are 5,190 m and 730 km, respectively. The helicopter has a flight endurance of four hours and ten minutes.

Eurocopter EC120 cockpit

Eurocopter EC120 Cockpit and Avionics

The EC120 cockpit is configured for single pilot operation under visual flight (VFR) rules. Dual controls and dual VFR instrumentation are optionally installed and the helicopter can be fully configured for training. The helicopter version of the training operates in service with the Spanish Air Force.

The EC120 helicopter is equipped with a fully duplex vehicle and a multifunctional display engine (VEMD). The VEMD modular construction allows the system to be easily maintained. The liquid crystal display functions in three modes - configuration mode, maintenance mode, and operational mode. Configuration mode allows integration of optional equipment on the VEMD screen. Ground crews can use maintenance mode to display flight reports, overlapping summary reports, and avionics system failures.

The pilot uses operational modes during flight to see engine power and weight performance and also to display the main parameters of the engine and aircraft, including true heading (T4), gas rpm generator (NG), torque, oil pressure, fuel quantity, outside air temperature (OAT) and generator and battery voltage and current.

Eurocopter EC120 interior

Eurocopter EC120 Cabin and Interior

The EC120 cabin has a floor area of ​​3 m². The cabin can be configured for pilots and up to four passengers. The cabin can be easily and quickly changed for different operations. Pilots, co-pilots, and passengers have crashable seats that are in accordance with FAR Part 27 and are judged to be able to withstand vertical and horizontal deceleration of 30 g and 18 g.

The EC120 helicopter has a 0.8 m luggage compartment mounted under the engine and at the same level as the cabin floor, can load up to five large suitcases and can be accessed either through the passenger cabin or through the rear door or side door. The cabin area and luggage compartment can be combined to provide a cargo space of 3 m³ which enables large cargo transportation. Unobstructed cabins and flat floors with wide doors make loading and unloading fast and easy.

Eurocopter EC120 Price

The price of an EC120 lightweight helicopter is around US $ 1.5 million. The launch customer is Nozaki Sangyo in Osaka, Japan. To date, more than 700 EC120 helicopters have been sent to various customers in more than 30 countries.
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