Agusta Westland AW609 Tiltrotor Specs, Cockpit, and Price

Agusta Westland AW609 Tiltrotor Specs, Cockpit, and Price – AW609 Tiltrotor is a twin-engined, take-off and landing (VTOL) helicopter developed by Bell Agusta Aerospace and AgustaWestland. This helicopter can be used to carry out various missions such as homeland / para-public security, emergency medical services (EMS), offshore oil and gas transportation, and transportation of government and corporate passengers. The security / para-public mission includes remote surveillance, illegal traffic control, anti-piracy, fisheries control, and national water protection.

The first flight of AW609 Tiltrotor took place in March 2003. The US Federal Aviation Administration Certification for helicopters will mature in 2017. As of April 2015, 60 AW609 helicopters have been selected by customers worldwide.

Agusta Westland AW609 tiltrotor

Agusta Westland AW609 Specs

The AW609 Tiltrotor design combines rotorcraft functionality with long-range, high-speed fixed-wing helicopters. Helicopters can take off and land vertically, which allows them to be used in remote or isolated areas. It can carry out missions in adverse weather conditions and offers increased operational effectiveness.

The main wing element with a high wing design is placed above the top of the fuselage. The tail assembly has a T-tail configuration where two horizontal stabilizers are mounted above the vertical fins to provide directional stability when flying in helicopter mode.

Dimensions of the AW609 Tiltrotor as a whole include a length of 11.7 m and a width of 14.1 m. The maximum takeoff weight of the helicopter is 8,165 kg, the helicopter can carry a useful load of 2,860 kg and a standard fuel load of 1,166 kg.

The AW609 Tiltrotor landing gear is a retractable tricycle type, having a two-wheel nose unit and two single gears. This offers better take-off and landing performance, while reducing aerodynamic drag on the helicopter during flight.

Agusta Westland AW609 Engine and Performance

The AW609 Tiltrotor is powered by two PT6C-67A PWC turboshaft engines that are 65 in. Long. Engine mounted on each wingtip. Each engine drives a 3-bladed propeller on a rotating nacelles. The engine produces take-off power of 1,447 kW at a speed of 30,000 rpm. The helicopter has the ability to continue to fly safely in condition one engine is not operating (OEI).

The AW609 Tiltrotor helicopter can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 510 km / h and has a maximum range of 1,389 km. The range can be extended to 2,036 km by installing additional fuel tanks under the wing. The service ceiling is 7,620 m in an international standard atmosphere (ISA), while floating out of the ground effect (HOGE) is 1,828 m. It can operate up to 300 nm from the coast.

Agusta Westland AW609 interior

Agusta Westland AW609 Cabin and Interior

The AW609 Tiltrotor cabin can accommodate up to nine seats and can be configured for a variety of mission needs. The cabin has a 1.5 ft (1.52 m) passageway to provide easy access for passengers. The cabin is fully pressurized, equipped with a refreshment center and bathroom to further enhance the experience and comfort of passengers. SAR variants are equipped with enlarged cabin doors and hoists / baskets as well as four single seats.

Agusta Westland AW609 cockpit

Agusta Westland AW609 Cockpit and Avionics

The AW609 Tiltrotor all-digital glass cockpit has touch-screen buttons offering better flight safety, while reducing pilot workload. The cockpit is integrated with Rockwell Collins Pro's Fusion Line avionics suite, flight instrument display, multi-function display (MFD), global positioning system (GPS), advanced navigation system, integrated weather radar, and fly-by-wire flight control system.

Agusta Westland AW609 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Agusta Westland AW609 Tiltrotor is around US $ 25 million. Joint Aviation Command (JAC) from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a launch customer for the search and rescue SAR609 variant. AgustaWestland signed a memorandum of understanding with JAC from the UAE to supply three AW609 Tiltrotor SAR variants with options for three other helicopters in November 2015. Deliveries begin in 2019.
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