Harbin Z-9W Specs, Cockpit, and Price

Harbin Z-9W Specs, Cockpit, and Price – Harbin Z-9W is an attack helicopter produced by the Harbin Aircraft Industry Group. This helicopter is the original attack variant of the Z-9 utility helicopter, which is a version made by Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin. This can be used in various missions such as anti-tank, close air support, armed patrols, anti-terrorism, and law enforcement.

The first Z-9W helicopter flight took place in 1987. The first missile was tested from a helicopter in 1989. The production variant was installed into service by the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the early 1990s. In addition Z-9W helicopters are produced in several variants including Z-9WA (night attack variant), Z-9WE (export variant), and Z-9EC (anti-submarine war variant).

Harbin Z-9W attack helicopter

Harbin Z-9W Specs

The Harbin Z-9W fuselage is made of lightweight aluminum alloy construction using glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) and Nomex refractory fiber material. The teardrop-shaped design combines a tapered boom to the tail and an enhanced cockpit. Two arms are externally mounted in the fuselage after the cockpit.

The dimensions of the Harbin Z-9W helicopter include a length of 13.7 m, rotor diameter of 12 m and a height of 3.9 m. The maximum take-off weight from the helicopter is 4,100 kg. This helicopter can carry a useful load of 1,366 kg.

This helicopter is equipped with a retractable, three-wheel type landing gear that is hydraulically operated. Two main landing gear units one wheel backwards into the plane. The two-wheel nose unit also pulls back into the plane. Each unit is equipped with oleo-pneumatic shock absorbers.

Harbin Z-9W Engine

The Z-9W helicopter is powered by two WZ-8A turboshaft engines which are versions made by Turbomeca Arriel-IC1. Each machine can produce a power output of 632 kW. The helicopter can fly with a maximum cruising speed of 238 km / hour, while carrying external weapons. The range of the ferry with an internal auxiliary tank is 1,000 km. The helicopter has a durability of 3.35 hours.

Harbin Z-9W cockpit

Harbin Z-9W Cockpit and Avionics

Harbin Z-9W has a two-person glass cockpit that integrates a multifunctional display (MFD), autopilot system, radio altimeter, INS / GPS, transponder and single-sideband radio. The helicopter can be optionally equipped with KDF-806 automatic direction finder, KTR-908 VHF command radio device and TB-31 intercom system.

The basic variant of the Z-9W is equipped with optical sight mounted on the roof of the cockpit above the position of the weapon operator. This is used to locate and aim targets, and to guide anti-tank missiles in semi-automatic vision command mode.

The Z-9WA variant is equipped with a day / night targeting tower located under the nose. It was developed by the Luoyang Electro-Optics Technology Development Center (EOTDC). This unit integrates FLIR and low-light TV systems, allowing operation during the day / night in all weather conditions.

Harbin Z-9W specs

Harbin Z-9W Weapons

The Z-9W helicopter can be armed with two 23 mm cannons / 12.7 mm machine guns / 57 mm rocket launchers, or four TY-90 air-to-air missiles. Weapons on both sides of the fuselage can carry up to eight anti-tank missiles guided by HJ-8 wire.

The Z-9WA variant is equipped with an electronic countermeasure series that integrates a missile approach warning system and a chaff / flare feed dispenser. This system is able to detect infrared signatures of incoming missiles. This warns the pilot and automatically activates a chaff / flare dispenser to cheat the missile.

Harbin Z-9W Price and Orders

The price of the latest Harbin Z-9W attack helicopter is around US $ 15 million. A total of 40 Z-9W helicopters have been operating with the PLA since the 1990s. Harbin has sent a number of Z-9W helicopters to customers withheld in 2010. Meanwhile, four Z-9WE helicopters have been sent to the Kenyan Armed Forces between 2010 and 2011.
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