Mil Mi-26T2 Specs, Payload, Cockpit, and Price

Mil Mi-26T2 Specs, Payload, Cockpit, and Price – Mil Mi-26T2 is a modern twin-engine heavy transport helicopter designed by Mil Moscow, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopter. This helicopter is designed to transport cargo and heavy equipment including transporting 82 troops and their equipment quickly, as well as various heavyweight combat vehicles. The first flight of the Mi-26T2 helicopter took place in Rostvertol on February 17, 2011.

The Mi-26T2 helicopter can be configured to perform various other operations, including fire fighting, fuel delivery, construction and installation work. Ambulance variants from helicopters can carry up to 60 injured people. Helicopters can also provide standalone refueling for land vehicles.

Mil Mi-26T2 modern heavy transport helicopter

Mil Mi-26T2 Specs

The Mi-26T2 helicopter is a modern variant of the Mi-26T helicopter. The overall dimensions of the helicopter include a length of 12.1 m, width 3.29 m and height 3.17 m. The helicopter has a cargo carrying capacity of 20 t and accommodates the maximum weight of the cargo inside the cargo cabin or from an external carrier.

The Mi-26T2 helicopter propulsion system includes an eight-bladed main rotor and a five-bladed tail rotor. The helicopter is equipped with a two-wheel landing gear in a tricycle arrangement. The wheels are equipped with anti-shock suspension, so the helicopter can land more safely.

The Mi-26T2 cabin has doors on each side that make it easy for the crew to enter and exit. It was equipped with a new air conditioner and a cargo compartment heating system.

Mil Mi-26T2 specs

Mil Mi-26T2 Engine and Performance

The Mi-26T2 heavy transport helicopter is powered by two D-136-2 turboshaft engines developed by Ivchenko-Progress and Motor Sich. This machine can produce emergency power of 12,500 hp and maximum power is 11,650 hp.

The engine is equipped with a FADEC full authority automatic control system that provides improved performance, even in hot climatic conditions.

Mi-26T2 helicopters can fly with a maximum speed of 295 km / h and a maximum cruising speed of 255 km / h. The helicopter has an operating range of around 800 km and a maximum range of 1,905 km when equipped with additional fuel tanks.

Mil Mi-26T2 cockpit

Mil Mi-26T2 Cockpit and Avionics

The Mi-26T2 helicopter's cockpit can accommodate 3 crew members, consisting of a pilot, co-pilot, and a flight engineer. The fully digital cockpit is equipped with five liquid crystal screens (LCD), control panels, computers in the air, as well as standard lighting equipment, and infrared (IR).

In addition, the Tranzas TSL-1600 lamp can be installed to visually control external loads in night conditions. The cockpit can be optionally equipped with night vision goggles (NVG) based on operator requirements.

The Mi-26T2 helicopter has a BREO-26 digital avionics circuit to improve stability and control in all flight modes over unknown terrain. The gyro-stabilized optoelectronic system was also installed to provide improved surveillance capabilities.

Onboard Avionics includes NPK 90-2 flight and navigation systems along with NAVSTAR / GLONASS, modern communication systems, air flight recording systems, backup device systems, and on-board control systems.

Mil Mi-26T2 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Mil Mi-26T2 modern heavy transport helicopter is around US $ 25 million. Russian helicopters received orders from the Algerian Air Force for 6 Mi-26T2 helicopters in March 2014. Algeria ordered 8 second-wave Mi-26T2 helicopters in August 2015.

The King Abdullah Design and Development Bureau ordered 4 Mi-26T2 helicopters for the Royal Jordanian Air Force in April 2016. The first helicopter was delivered in January 2018.
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