ILX-27 Unmanned Helicopter Specs, Engine, and Price

ILX-27 Unmanned Helicopter Specs, Engine, and Price – ILX-27 is an unmanned helicopter developed by a consortium consisting of the Institute of Aviation in Warsaw, Military Aviation Works No. 1, and the Polish Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) scientific and research organization. The development of this helicopter is intended to support military, civilian and special operations.

The ILX-27 helicopter was first launched at Berlin Airshow ILA in 2012. Its first prototype has completed a series of flight tests conducted by the National Research and Development Center (NCRD) in remote control operation mode in September 2012. An ILX-27 prototype was exhibited during the Helicopter Exhibition and Conference (Helitech Expo) held in London, England, in October 2013 and at the Balt-Military-Expo held in June 2014.

ILX-27 Unmanned Helicopter

ILX-27 Mission Support

ILX-27 unmanned helicopters can be used by armed forces on missions such as search and rescue, air reconnaissance, evacuation of soldiers and their equipment from risk areas, and transportation of precision weapons, military equipment, ammunition, and medical supplies to battle areas.

Its civil mission includes fishery protection, damage assessment, fire fighting, emergency services, geology, cartography and forest monitoring, technical facilities, bridges, communications, agriculture and railroad. Helicopters also support police and border guard missions.

ILX-27 Unmanned Helicopter features

ILX-27 Specs and Features

The ILX-27 helicopter has a modular design and lightweight structure, and is built using composite materials. The helicopeter is equipped with a three-blade main rotor, a five-blade veiled tail rotor, and a skid-type landing gear to support the landing and meet energy absorption requirements.

The fuselage is attached with two fixed wings with a weapons carrier platform to carry various types of weaponry including un aiming rocket pods and 7.62 mm caliber weapons. Its modular design allows easy configuration to meet specific mission requirements.

The main rotor blades, made of carbon and composite materials, allow helicopters to carry out missions at low altitudes as well as in different aerodynamic conditions. The vertical stabilizer, placed at the front end of the tail rotor, provides directional stability.

The ILX-27 unmanned helicopter can be equipped with a cargo pod under the nose for the transport of various optical and sophisticated observation sensors and electronic systems.

Overall, the ILX-27 helicopter has a length of 7.74 m and a height of 2.73 m. With a maximum takeoff weight of 1,100 kg, this unmanned helicopter is capable of carrying loads up to 300 kg. Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities allow rotorcraft to take off and land vertically from unprepared areas.

ILX-27 Unmanned Helicopter specs

ILX-27 Engine and Performance

The ILX-27 helicopter is powered by a Lycoming IO-540 turboshaft engine which can produce a maximum power output of 260 hp. ILX-27 can fly with a maximum speed of 215 km / h and has a range of up to 441 km. It can reach heights of 4 km and climb with a maximum speed of 10 m / s.

Unmanned helicopters are able to carry out missions in difficult terrain conditions such as urban areas, mountains and areas that are threatened by enemy fire.

ILX-27 Control and Avionics

ILX-27 helicopters have the ability to operate in remote and / or autonomous mode when carrying out missions. In remote-control mode, it is controlled by the operator from the ground control station. The autonomous control system on the ILX-27 provides autonomous flight capabilities.

ILX-27 Price

Until now there has been no official statement from the company about the price of ILX-27 unmanned helicopter. This is because the helicopter is still under development and will undergo several more flight tests before fully operational.
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