Kazan Ansat Specs, Interior, and Price

Kazan Ansat Specs, Interior, and Price – Kazan Ansat is a lightweight utility multirole helicopter manufactured by Kazan Helicopters JSC, a Russian Helicopter subsidiary. This helicopter can be used in carrying out various missions, such as transporting cargo and passengers, for supervision, in search and rescue operations, fire fighting, and for medevac missions. Ansat completed its maiden flight in August 1999.

Kazan Ansat was initially introduced into service as a variant of military trainers in 2010. Kazan Ansat obtained the type certification that will be used for commercial flights from the Aviation Register of the Inter-State Aviation Committee (IAC) in August 2013. This Russian manufacturer's helicopter is equipped with hydro mechanical and received additional certification from IAC in December 2014.

Kazan Ansat

Kazan Ansat Specs

Kazan Ansat features metal fuselage, layered fiberglass blades and composite non-load bearing parts. It has a single-rotor design featuring a four-blade main rotor and two-blade tail rotor. The main rotor is designed without hinges to reduce operating costs.

Development of Kazan Ansat helicopters in accordance with FAR-29 Category A regulations, which meet high security standards. This helicopter has a length of 13.76 m and a height of 3.4 m, and the diameter and area of ​​the main rotor are 11.50 m and 103.87 m² respectively.

This Helicopter has twin engines and can be used for various operations, including cargo and passenger transportation, surveillance, search and rescue (SAR), fire fighting, and medical evacuation missions (MEDEVAC).

Kazan Ansat Engine

The Kazan Ansat helicopter is powered by two PW 207K turbo shaft engines developed by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Each machine can provide maximum takeoff power of 630hp and 710hp contingency power. Equipped with a digital engine control system (FADEC) full authority ensures flight in the event of a single engine failure.

The helicopter has a cruise speed of 220 km / h and can reach a top speed of 275 km / hr. The main fuel tank ensures maximum flight range of 515 km.

The operational ceiling and helicopter hover ceilings are 4,800 m and 2,500 m respectively, and the maximum takeoff weight is 3,600 kg.

Kazan Ansat cockpit

Kazan Ansat Cockpit and Avionics

Helicopters Kazan Ansat is equipped with a digital glass cockpit. This helicopter can be operated in both manual and automatic piloting modes and can be maintained independently from any stand.

The Kazan Ansat helicopter integrates the latest fly-by-wire flight controls and avionics systems and traditional mechanical hydro control systems certified by ARIAC. On-board information system, multi-function indicators and failure warning systems.

The Kazan Ansat helicopter training variant uses the KSU-A fly-by-wire flight control system, integrated with the aquadruplex digital integrated control system.

Kazan Ansat interior

Kazan Ansat Interior and Cabin

Kazan Ansat offers the largest cabin in its class and can be quickly reconfigured. The Kazan Ansat helicopter cabin has an overall volume of 8.0 m³. The cabin length, width and height are 5.7m, 1.77m and 1.37m respectively. This helicopter can be configured to accommodate up to 8 passengers and 2 crew members. The cabin has a maximum payload capacity of 1,234kg.

Kazan Ansat Price

The estimated price of the latest Kazan Ansat is US $ 2-2.5 Million.
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