Bell V-280 Valor Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price

Bell V-280 Valor Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price – The V-280 Valor is a third generation vertical tiltrotor lifting helicopter that is being developed by Bell Helicopter Textron, United States. This helicopter is designed to carry out several missions such as attack and transportation with enhanced speed, maximum range and greater payload. This offers greater control at both low and high speeds efficiently.

The V-280 Valor helicopter was built with the intention of meeting the requirements of the Joint Multi-Role (JMR) Technology Demonstrator (TD) program that supports the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) program of the US Army. The helicopter was launched at the Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) annual professional forum and exposition held in Fort Worth, United States in April 2013.

The first prototype V-280 Valor was introduced to the public in October 2017 and made its first flight in December 2017. It will replace around 2,000 to 4,000 medium-lift helicopters in service with the US Army.

Bell V-280 Valor tiltrotor

Bell V-280 Valor Specs

The V-280 Valor helicopter integrates a clean sheet design with a V-tail configuration and composite construction airframe. Wings are made of large cell carbon nuclei. The helicopter is designed to carry four crew members and 11 troops. It featured two spacious 1.83 m side doors for convenient entry and exit from the armed forces. This helicopter is equipped with a conventional landing gear that can be pulled for better control when taking off and landing.

The V-280 Valor helicopter is equipped with a redundant three fly-by-wire flight control system for aircraft handling precision and improved safety. This system helps to reduce pilot workload and aircraft weight while minimizing maintenance costs compared to traditional flight control systems.

The V-280 Valor offers greater fuel efficiency, resulting in a smaller logistical footprint compared to other helicopters. Smaller logistical footprints help minimize the logistical support needed to move and retain war troops.

Bell V-280 Valor specs

Bell V-280 Valor Engine and Performance

The V-280 Valor helicopter is powered by two General Electric T64 turboshaft engines. Each engine is combined into a three-bladed tiltrotor and drive unit. The non-revolving and fixed engine will make the helicopter more stable during hover mode, and will provide enhanced control. The engine is placed at the tip of the helicopter's wing. The helicopter can operate on one engine in case of loss or damage to other engines.

The V-280 Valor helicopter can fly with a maximum cruise speed of 518 km / h and fly at an altitude of 6,000 ft. It has a battle range of 500 nm to 800 nm and is capable of operating at very hot temperatures up to 95 °. This helicopter offers double the speed and range of existing vertical lifting helicopters.

The helicopter will become a self-deployable platform, unlike other helicopters that require logistical support for shipping to the operating area. This can be strategically used alone for a range of 3,889 km.

Bell V-280 Valor cockpit

Bell V-280 Valor Cockpit and Avionics

The all-digital V-280 Valor cockpit is equipped with a single large screen to display all flight data. It is equipped with a touchscreen feature that integrates night vision and synthetic vision. The screen has 700 sensor input channels, including an accelerometer and a gauge for temperature, pressure, and strain.

In addition, the cockpit is equipped with a smart helmet that is able to display data well enough in concert or independently to ensure flight safety. This will also give pilots a wide view of up to 360 degrees.

Bell V-280 Valor Price

The price of the Bell V-280 Valor helicopter is around US $ 30 million. The estimated price is about the same as AH-64E or MH-60M. Compared to the V-22 Osprey, the V-280 Valor will have lower disk loading, and longer wings for greater shipping and shipping efficiency.
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