Bell 429WLG Specs, Interior, and Price

Bell 429WLG Specs, Interior, and Price – Bell 429WLG is a seven-seat helicopter developed and produced by Bell Helicopter, a Textron company. The helicopter was introduced at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, in October 2013.

The Bell 429WLG Helicopter will be offered in various configurations to carry out various missions, such as VIP transportation, helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS), law enforcement, utilities, and oil and gas support. It is expected to start operating in the first half of 2015.

Bell 429WLG

Bell 429WLG Specs

The Bell 429WLG is an enhanced version of the Bell 429 helicopter which began operating in 2009. The WLG version retains many features of the Bell 429, but is equipped with a retractable landing gear that replaces the traditional slippage of its predecessor. The landing gear is controlled by actuation and the electric cockpit braking system. Safety features include energy absorbing seats, and hubs and rotor systems that are resistant to damage.

Bell 429WLG can land on several types and terrain conditions due to additional capability features that support various mission profiles. The extraordinary taxi capability of the Bell 429WLG ensures it to reposition in confined spaces and carry out missions that require ground run.

Bell 429WLG Engine

The Bell 429WLG is equipped with two electronically controlled PW-207D1 engines produced by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Each engine produces a 586shp power output. The fuel is supplied from three broken-resistant fuel cells under the cabin floor panel.

Bell 429WLG has a maximum cruise speed of 152kt (281kph) and a range of 412nm (763km). The helicopter service ceiling is 20,000 feet (6,096 m) and air resistance is up to 4.4 hours.

The helicopter has an empty weight of 2,144kg (4.728lb) and an external gross weight of 3,402kg (7.500lb). Standard fuel capacity and additions are 821L and 148L respectively.

Bell 429WLG interior

Bell 429WLG Interior

The Bell 429WLG has a spacious cabin that can accommodate one pilot and seven passengers. This has a total cabin volume that can be used 205ft3 (5.78m3). Each side of the cabin is equipped with 61in. (152.4cm) side door with unobstructed openings. Optional rear shell shell doors are also provided.

The luggage compartment offers a volume of 74ft3 (2.1m3). The flat floor layout ensures comfortable helicopter conversion from passenger configuration to cargo through the release of cabin seating.

Bell 429WLG cockpit

Bell 429WLG Cockpit and Avionics

Bell 429WLG cockpit is equipped with the Bell BasiX-Pro integrated avionics system. The avionics suite includes two multi-function display units with a high resolution 6in x 8in display and a digital dual three-axis automatic flight control system (AFCS). It features a wide area enlargement system (WAAS) for navigation and instrumental flight rule capabilities (IFR) to reduce pilot workload.

The cockpit also includes all engine indication displays and crew warning systems (EICAS), aircraft data interface units (ADIU), and dual channel air attitude data heading (ADAHRS) reference systems. It is also equipped with the Gamin GNS 430 dual global positioning system and integrated electronic data recorders.

Bell 429WLG Price and Orders

The price of the latest Bell 429WLG is US $ 6.2 Million. Rio Iruya, an Argentine company, is a launch customer for Bell 429WLG. The company ordered one Bell 429WLG helicopter to be used for company and VIP transportation. Deliveries were made in 2015.

More information about the Bell 429WLG specifications and price can be seen on the official website
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