Bell 429 Specs, Interior, and Price

Bell 429 Specs, Interior, and Price – Bell 429 is a helicopter produced by a joint venture Bell Helicopters, Korea Aerospace Industries and Japanese company Mitsui Bussan. Bell 429 combines a variety of advanced technologies developed under the Bell modular product line program (MAPL) to incorporate advanced main rotor blades, aircraft data interface units (ADIU), autopilot and hydraulics.

Two models of mock-up helicopters were first shown at the Heli-Expo air show in Anaheim in February 2005. The first helicopter flights were conducted in February 2007. In February 2008, three 429 flight test aircraft had flown more than 600 hours of flight testing. TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certifications were awarded to Bell 429 in July 2009.

Bell 429 GlobalRanger

Bell 429 Specs

The Bell 429 has a structure similar to the Bell 427 with a composite tailboom and a sophisticated tail rotor drive shaft. The main rotor blades and the new tail are designed with lower end speeds and sweep tips to reduce noise levels. Safety features include a reinforced cabin that can withstand rollover.

The helicopter has a tube-shaped slip landing gear, both high or low support wheels as determined by the operator. Wheeled landing wheels are installed as an option and will be available 12 months after basic aircraft certification.

Other Bell 429 features include: wide, unobstructed, cabin volume 200ft³; seating for up to seven passengers allows a variety of applications; configuration of flight rules for single pilot instruments / cat A / optional night vision goggle (NVG) (which will require an ultrasound export license); integrated sliding door and optional seashell door for emergency medical service operation (EMS).

Bell 429 Engine

The Bell 429 is powered by two turboshaft engines, the PW207D1 by Pratt & Whitney Canada, each rated at 820kW (1,100shp). The total fuel capacity that can be used is 814l.

The maximum cruising speed is 287 km / h and the internal fuel range is 645 km. The cruising speed is 278km / hour. The floating ceiling (OGE) is 2,835m. This aircraft has an empty weight of 2,007kg. The maximum takeoff weight is 3.175kg. The Bell 429's height and maximum range are 6.096m and 722km, respectively. Maximum durability at a maximum gross weight of 4,000 ISA feet is four hours.

Bell 429 interior

Bell 429 Interior

The Bell 429 has a new cabin with wide, flat floors for ease of use as a utility, passenger, offshore operation, or air medical transportation and for other mission requirements.

The base helicopter is equipped with a two-door sliding cabin. In addition to sliding doors, a variant of the emergency medical service (EMS) can be configured with an optional clamshell door to allow easy access with a roll-on / roll-off stretcher system operated by one person.

The helicopter can be equipped with articulated lifts that weigh 272kg and operate outside the slippage. The cargo hook capacity is 1,270kg. Variants of emergency medical services can bring two patients and two medical officers.

Bell 429 cockpit

Bell 429 Cockpit and Avionics

The Bell 429 is equipped with BasiX avionics with two (or three as an option) 8in × 6 in the Rogerson Krotas color liquid crystal display and dual three-axis autopilot.

In February 2006, Bell Helicopter chose Honeywell to provide five elements from the avionic suite for Bell 429. KSG-7200 dual-channel air attitude data heading reference system (ADAHRS), which uses electromagnetic micro-state Honeywell (MEMS) technology, instead of gyros and mass spinning accelerometers, they will be standard equipment.

Honeywell will also supply an optional automatic direction finder (ADF), radar altimeter, weather radar and enhanced location proximity warning system (EGPWS).

The helicopter is also equipped with a double global positioning system for Gamin GNS 430 and Bendix King radio.

Bell 429 Price and Orders

The price of the latest Bell 429 is US $ 7.5 Million. The first Bell 429 helicopter was sent to launch Air Methods customers in August 2009. The helicopter was displayed at the Singapore Air Show held in February 2010.

Orders have been received for more than 301 helicopters, including CJ Systems Aviation Group (ten plus ten options) for air medical services, AirMédic of Quebec (two plus two options).

More information about Bell 429 specifications and price can be seen on the official website
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