Bell 412EPI Specs, Interior, and Price

Bell 412EPI Specs, Interior, and Price – Bell 412EPI is an improved helicopter version of the Bell 412EP platform. The increase includes the body and tail space of the helicopter to provide optimal airflow. The new Bell 412EPI was introduced by Bell Helicopter at the Heli Expo in Las Vegas in March 2013. The upgrade program has been started since November 2013, will increase the operational flexibility of helicopters to meet future regulatory and mission needs.

Bell 412EPI

Bell 412EPI Specs

Most features of the Bell 412EPI design are combined from the Bell 412EP helicopter. The upgraded aircraft will include a rough airframe built with safety in mind. This will have a modified tail room that provides optimal air flow, and improves handling, safety and lift.

Passenger and crew protection will be enhanced by incorporating breakable fuel cells, joint-mounted throttles, and rollover bulkheads. The helicopter will come with the ability of a single pilot instrumental flight rule (IFR).

Bell 412EPI Engine

Bell 412EPI is powered by a Twin Pac PT6T-9 electronic controlled engines manufactured by Pratt & Whitney Canada. The engine is designed to provide a load capacity of 1.410lbs. This provides 15% additional horsepower compared to the previous version of the Bell 412EP helicopter. It is equipped with digital electronic engine control (EEC).

Shadin Avionics was awarded with a contract to provide fuel management solutions for helicopters. The helicopter's standard fuel capacity is 1.251L, while the additional fuel capacity is 621L.

Bell 412EPI helicopter flies with a maximum speed of 226 kph (122 kts). It has a range of 358nm (663km) and a maximum endurance of 3.6 hours. The maximum useful load is 2.239kg (4.936lb), and the maximum cargo hook limit is 2,041kg (4,500lb). Service ceilings and hover ceilings are 5,017m (16,460ft) and 3,444m (11,300ft) respectively.

An accident-protected data acquisition recorder on the Bell 412EPI helicopter supplied by Curtiss-Wright Controls. Avionics provided includes a compact flight recorder data recorder (DAFR) and other additional data acquisition capabilities for use in helicopters.

Bell 412EPI interior

Bell 412EPI Interior

The Bell 412EPI cabin provides comfortable seating for two pilots and 13 passengers. The total volume of the cabin is 6.2m3 (220ft3). The cabin includes a luggage compartment with a space of 0.8m3 (28ft3). It also features an energy-absorbing crew seat and wide opening doors with a width of 2.32m (7.7 feet).

Bell 412EPI cockpit

Bell 412EPI Cockpit and Avionics

Bell 412EPI is equipped with an integrated glass flight deck Bell BasiX ProTM. Four high resolution 10.4 primary or multi-function LCD display units are provided for vital flight information including electronic flight instrumentation (EFS) systems, indication systems and crew warning systems (EICAS), and other systems.

Other features include Garmin GTN-750 WAAS GPS navigation with touch screen control, terrain data display, critical flight information, field avoidance warning system (H-TAWS) and power situation indicators.

The avionics suite also includes rubber band flight planning, high resolution digital maps and electronic charts. It features approach plates, transponders for automatic dependency broadcasts, and XM satellite links.

Bell 412EPI Price and Orders

The price of the latest Bell 412EPI is US $ 11 Million. Avincis Group ordered a Bell 412EPI helicopter in September 2013. The helicopter will be used in rescue and life operations. Commercial shipments of helicopters began in 2014.

More information about the Bell 412EPI specifications and price can be seen on the official website
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