Enstrom F-28 Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price

Enstrom F-28 Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price – The Enstrom F-28 is a piston engined lightweight utility helicopter manufactured by Enstrom Helicopter Corporation, United States. This multipurpose helicopter can be used in a variety of missions including troop transportation, military and civil training, agricultural operation business, air surveys and law enforcement in all climatic conditions. The first F-28 helicopter flight took place in May 1962 and began operating in 1965 and was certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The F-28 helicopter has seven variants, namely the F-28A, T-28, F-28B, F-28C, F-28C-2, F-28F Falcon and F-28F-P Sentinel.

Enstrom F-28 Light Utility Helicopter

Enstrom F-28 Specs

The Enstrom F-28 fuselage is made of composite material and is equipped with a semi-monocoque aluminum tail. The helicopter has a pylon assembly welded with steel tubes to hold the engine, transmission and fuel tank and make anchor points for the landing gear. It is equipped with a tubular shock absorbing slip-type slip landing gear, two passenger doors, a large cargo door and an engine driven alternator.

The Enstrom F-28 propulsion system consists of a three-bladed main rotor and a two-bladed tail rotor integrated into the tailboom. The helicopter can be equipped with a number of additional features, such as two 151 liter external fuel tanks, additional power plug units, starter warning and low voltage warning lights, anti-collision and nose mounted landing lights.

Enstrom F-28 specs

Enstrom F-28 Engine and Performance

The Enstrom F-28 is powered by a single Lycoming HIO-360-F1AD piston engine that produces 168 kW output power. This engine is equipped with ALU-8421-LS alternator, D4LN-3200 magneto, Skytech 149-24HT starter, RSA-5AB1 fuel injector, RG17980-R fuel pump and RHB-32S spark plugs.

The Enstrom F-28 has a maximum speed of 180 km / h, a cruising speed of 164 km / h, and a service ceiling of 3,660 m. It can rise at a speed of 7.4 m / s. The F-28 helicopter can fly to a range of 446 km with a maximum endurance of 3.5 hours.

Enstrom F-28 Cabin and Interior

The Enstrom F-28 cabin is 1.54 m wide which is built from alloy and glass fiber material. The helicopter cabin can accommodate two passengers and crew in three parallel seating configurations. The cabin is equipped with a large bubble-shaped glass canopy, two overhead windows, two chin windows, and two door windows to create panoramic views for the crew and passengers.

Enstrom F-28 cockpit

Enstrom F-28 Cockpit and Avionics

The Enstrom F-28's cockpit is integrated with the Garmin avionics suite consisting of air speed indicators, altimeters, standby compasses, engine rotors or tachometers and ball indicators. The rotor also has an air temperature gauge, gearbox temperature gauge, fuel flow gauge, oil pressure gauge, ammeter, cylinder head temperature gauge and fuel quantity gauge.

Other optional equipment includes PS Engineering PM 3000 VOX intercom, Garmin GMA 340 audio panel, Garmin GNS 430 GPS, Garmin GTX 327 transponder, King KR87 automatic direction finder, AK-450 emergency location finder transmitter, KRA 10A radar altimeter and King KI voice 208 more than the recorder.

Enstrom F-28 Price and Orders

The price of the Enstrom F-28 utility helicopter is around US $ 360,000. A total of 1,200 F-28 helicopters have been produced in various variants until 2007 and have been operating with operators from various countries, including the Fresno Police Department, the Peruvian Army, the Colombian Air Force, and the Indonesian National Police.
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