MD Helicopters MD 530G Scout Specs, Cockpit, and Price

MD Helicopters MD 530G Scout Specs, Cockpit, and Price – MD 530G is a next generation scout attack helicopter developed by MD Helicopters Inc. from Mesa, Arizona, United States. This helicopter is designed to provide enhanced agility and firepower in attack, reconnaissance and security missions. The MD 530G helicopter is able to provide comprehensive battlefield command and control coordination for the successful implementation of the mission by the armed forces.

The MD 530G helicopter was first introduced at the International Helicopter Association (Heli-Expo) conference and exhibition held in Anaheim, USA, in February 2014. While doing exercises at the Yuma Proving Grounds, Arizona, in August 2014, the helicopter successfully fired 0.50 7.62 mm caliber and ammunition, and four Raytheon TALON laser-guided rockets during direct fire qualification. The helicopter will be awarded the Airworthiness Release (AWR) certification by the US Army in December 2019.

MD 530G Scout Attack Helicopter

MD 530G Specs

The MD 530G scout attack helicopter is designed based on the MD 530F fuselage and is designed with advanced technology to provide enhanced combat capabilities. It offers efficient and effective performance in bad weather conditions. This helicopter has five main rotor blades and two tail rotor blades. The Mace Extended Range Weapons Wing (ER2W) special wing is lightly mounted on both sides of the helicopter. It can carry more than 1,300 lb. of weapons and ammunition.

Overall, the MD 530G scout attack helicopter has a length of 7.76 m, a width of 3 m, and a height of 2.88 m. The diameter of the main rotor is 8.38 m, while the diameter of the tail rotor is 1.55 m. This helicopter has an empty weight of 885 kg, a maximum internal gross weight of 1,520kg, and a maximum takeoff gross weight of 1,701 kg. This can carry a useful load that increases 816 kg to operate with additional range and durability.

MD 530G Engine

The MD 530G helicopter is powered by a Rolls-Royce 250-C30 turboshaft engine, which produces 485 kW of power. MD 530G helicopter has a maximum speed of 282 km / h at sea level and can fly to a range of 426 km. Meanwhile, it has a maximum cruising speed of 240 km / h at sea level under international standard atmospheric conditions. This helicopter can operate for two and a half hours with additional fuel tanks and can also be installed with a ballistic tolerant tolerant collision fuel system, which includes main and additional tanks.

MD 530G Scout Armed

MD 530G Weapons

The MD 530G scout attack helicopter is armed with a 7.62 mm M134D-H (Hybrid) Gatling mini Dillon Aero pistol that can hold up to 3,000 rounds of ammunition magazine. The helicopter is also equipped with a Arnold Defense M260 seven-shot rocket pod and Rocket Machine Gun Pod (RMP), which is effective against guided and undirected rockets. The RMP combines the 12.7 mm FN M3P machine gun and the Nato Standard 70 mm three-tube rocket launcher into a single arms mount. Machine guns can store up to 250 cartridges.

Raytheon 70 mm TALON laser-guided rockets are also integrated into the MD 530G helicopter, to provide precise engagement and firepower for soft and armored target points. The rocket has a laser guide kit that combines a semi-active digital laser finder, three-axis actuation control system, electronic guide, and TALON roll-optimal tail fin assembly.

MD 530G Cockpit and Avionics

The MD 530G helicopter cockpit is equipped with an avinonic suite consisting of a Store Management Computer (SMC), two Store Interface Units (SIU), two Light Rocket Interface Units (RIUs), Multi-Function Screens (MFD), and a Store Control Panel (SCP) . MFD and SCP are installed in the cockpit panel, while other systems are included in the cargo compartment. The Moog 24.2 lb Weapon Management System is also installed to manage and control the helicopter weapons system.

MD 530G Sensor

MD 530G Sensor

MD 530G scout attack helicopters are equipped with L-3 Wescam MX-10 and MX-10D EO / IR tactical proven in combat in a single unit replaceable configuration (LRU). The payload incorporates several infrared imaging sensors, precision optics, laser pointers, and sophisticated communication circuits. The infrared imaging sensor, HD color, and Multiply Charge Coupled Device (CCD) are used to capture digital video in full motion simultaneously and high-resolution images.

The 43lb multi-spectral targeting system features an embedded GPS inertia navigation system to provide high accuracy geo-point and geolocation capabilities. It is equipped with four axis stabilization with vibration isolation to support laser designation of more than 10 km. The cueing system installed in the Scorpion Helmet, developed by Thales, was also installed on the helicopter.

MD 530G Specs

MD 530G Price and Orders

The price of the latest MD 530G scout attack helicopter is around US $ 2.7 Million. In February 2016, the Malaysian Ministry of Defense awarded a contract to MD Helicopters to supply six MD 530G helicopters to Malaysian Army Flights.

The US government announced its commitment to provide six MD 530G light attack helicopters, related equipment and training to support air support missions near the wings of the Lebanese Armed Forces in December 2017.

The US Army Contracting Command awarded a $ 1.4 billion contract for six MD 530G armed helicopters in October 2018. Scheduled to be sent to the Lebanese Air Force (LAF) in the fourth quarter of 2020, the helicopter will be equipped with two Genesys Aerosystems IDU-680 main LCD displays , PATHFINDER ™ mission management system (MMS) from Tek Fusion Global, and Harris Falcon III's multi-channel air network radio multi-channel radio.
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