Mil Mi-171A2 Specs, Interior, and Price

Mil Mi-171A2 Specs, Interior, and Price – Mil Mi-171A2 is an advanced multirole medium passenger transport helicopter developed by the Moscow Mil Helicopter Plant and Kazan Helicopter, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. The helicopter was launched for the first time at HeliExpo held in Dallas, Texas, USA, in 2012. The helicopter's first flight was completed in 2012. The helicopter was displayed at the International Aviation and Space Salon in 2013.

Mil Mi-171A2 helicopter can operate in a variety of tasks, such as forest protection, patrol, construction, loading and unloading operations, fire fighting, search and rescue operations and medical evacuations.

Mil Mi-171A2

Mil Mi-171A2 Specs

Mil Mi-171A2 helicopter is combined with the best quality from the Mi-8/17 series. The helicopter was an improved version of the Mi-171A1, which was produced by the Ulan-Ude Flight Factory. The new helicopter is equipped with an improved main rotor and gear system, aircraft system and propulsion system.

The helicopter includes a variety of special equipment to provide a new level of safety and comfort. It features a glass cockpit and offers better aircraft performance and operational characteristics, advanced power units and transmission.

Mil Mi-171A2 is equipped with composite rotor blades with a service life of 4.5 times longer. It features an X-shaped tail rotor, which is an important feature in middle-class helicopters produced in Russia.

The takeoff weight from the helicopter is 13,000 kg. Maximum takeoff weight with underslung load is 13,500kg. The maximum flight range with the main fuel tank is 800 km.

Mil Mi-171A2 specs

Mil Mi-171A2 Engine

Mil Mi-171A2 helicopter is powered by two VK-2500PS-03 engines designed and developed by Klimov JSC. Each engine has 2,400 hp when taking off. This engine has an FADEC electronic automatic control system. The machine was produced at the Klimov JSC manufacturing complex located in Shuvalovo.

The helicopter has a cruising speed of 260 km / h and can reach a maximum speed of 280 km / hr. The operational ceiling is 6,000 m and the hover ceiling is 4,000 m.

Mil Mi-171A2 cockpit

Mil Mi-171A2 Cockpit and Avionics

Mil Mi-171A2 cockpit is equipped with an automated system to alert you to critical flight conditions and avoid and prevent collisions with external objects. It features all-weather digital television and thermal imaging cameras. It also features a high resolution multifunction screen with a 15in screen. In addition, it has a multifunction screen and alarm system.

Flight data is presented on a large screen to improve flight safety and reduce pilot fatigue. The helicopter also includes a new navigation instrumentation system.

The helicopter is equipped with the KBO-17 avionics suite designed and developed by the Ulyanovsk Instrument Design Manufacturing Bureau, which is part of Radioelectronic Technology.

Mil Mi-171A2 interior

Mil Mi-171A2 Interior and Cabin

Mil Mi-171A2 helicopter accommodates up to two crew members and 24 passengers. The cabin is 6.36 m long, 2.34 m wide and 1.8 m high. The total volume of the cabin is 23m³. The cabin has seats that absorb energy. The VIP version of the Mil Mi-171A2 has eight to 14 seats.

The helicopter has a maximum load of 4,000 kg in the cabin, while the maximum load on the external sling is 5,000 kg.

Mil Mi-171A2 Price

The latest Mil Mi-171A2 price is US $ 13 Million.
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