Dynali H3 Sport Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price

Dynali H3 Sport Specs, Interior, Cockpit, and Price – The Dynali H3 Sport is an ultralight helicopter designed and manufactured by Dynali, a Belgian helicopter company. This is an official helicopter in certain European countries under the ultralight helicopter category (MTOW 500 - 600 kg). Dynali is certified for 500 kg and maintains a comfortable power reserve.

The Dynali H3 Sport helicopter is designed to meet the latest standards in the lightweight aviation industry while maintaining the simplicity of airframe design and structural components. This ultralight helicopter can be accessed by the general public at affordable purchase prices and operating costs. This can be used in a variety of roles, utilitarian, flight training, and recreation.

Dynali H3 Sport ultralight helicopter

Dynali H3 Sport Specs

The Dynali H3 Sport airframe has a monoblock tube made of stainless steel. This is the main structure that connects all components. The fuselage directly supports the seat and cabin fairing, and supports engine and mechanical components. The tubular structure of the fuselage has an average material thickness of 2.5 mm which is designed for maximum passive safety for passengers.

The main rotor pole is made of stainless steel and the main rotor blades are made of extruded aluminum. The tail structure consists of an aluminum boom, supported by two carbon struts. The tail rotor blades are formed in carbon and are controlled by push-pull cables. Cabin cells and stabilizers made of carbon fiber and canopy vacuum infusion fibers are at Perspex.

The Dynali H3 Sport helicopter features a very powerful landing slide and allows landing on very difficult terrain. The skid is made of aluminum with stainless steel arms that allow progressive deformation during strong landings.

The main rotor of the Dynali H3 Sport consists of two blades articulated in tone. Adjustable hinge rotors allow high flexibility in use and allow tighter turns than most similar machines. The rotor blades are made of extruded aluminum or (optional) in a carbon composite.

Helicoters are equipped with horizontal stabilizers and vertical stabilizers to provide pitch stability and balance the rotor torque with its aerodynamic effects. Thus the pilot does not need to use the rear rotor permanently. If an engine failure occurs, the pilot can easily maintain his position only by maintaining the forward speed until it lights up.

Dynali H3 Sport Engine and Performance

The Dynali H3 Sport helicopter is powered by an Rotax engine with four pistons and four flat steps. There are two types of engines offered, namely the Rotax 912ULS-I 115 HP (injection) which provides additional horsepower thanks to the electronic injection system that is controlled by the ECU, and the Rotax 912ULS-I-BB 135 HP (injection & big bore 1600cc) which provides power configuration most appropriate for helicopters thanks to an ECU controlled electronic injection system coupled with a larger drill cylinder.

The Dynali H3 Sport helicopter can fly at a cruising speed of 140 km / h with a range of 2.5 hours. The helicopter has a fuel tank capacity of 60 L (can be increased to 80 L) and fuel consumption remains around 20 L / h. The maximum takeoff weight of the helicopter is 450 kg and the service ceiling is 9,000 ft.

Dynali H3 Sport interior

Dynali H3 Sport Cabin and Interior

The Dynali H3 Sport cabin has a width of 1.3 m that can accommodate two large people to sit comfortably and easily in the cabin, with plenty of elbow room, giving a feeling of space, while providing a beautiful view. This is the most spacious cabin in the ultralight helicopter category on the market. The cabin has a storage locker for personal documents located under the seat.

Dynali H3 Sport cockpit

Dynali H3 Sport Cockpit and Avionics

The Dynali H3 Sport's cockpit has side-by-side seating configurations. The cockpit is equipped with a governor who acts as cruise control. This allows the pilot to avoid having to constantly adjust the throttle to maintain the engine and rotor RPM.

The Dynali H3 Sport helicopter has a clutch system ordered from the cockpit. This serves to connect or disconnect the engine to the transmission system. When disconnected, it allows the engine to start with stationary rotors, ensuring the safety of those who are on land during heating. Once ready to take off, the rotor is driven by a pilot using a switch on the instrument panel.

Dynali H3 Sport Price

The price of the Dynali H3 Sport ultralight helicopter is around 140,000 to 185,000. Prices are adjusted to the type of engine and kit selected.
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