EHang 216 Specs, Cockpit, Speed, and Price

EHang 216 Specs, Cockpit, Speed, and Price – EHang 216 is an electric autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) designed by the EHang Company, China. This electric helicopter was developed to meet the needs of urban transportation by providing air taxi services on demand and entering into partnerships with Austrian-based FACC flight system manufacturers in November 2018 for serial aircraft production. EHang 216 can be used for a variety of operations, including public transportation, tourism and sight-seeing, evacuation / medical assistance, and short distance logistics.

EHang 216 was developed based on its predecessor EHang 184. The first proptype flights took place in Qatar and the Netherlands in 2018, while the certification process was ongoing. EHang 216 was introduced to the public for the first time at the 4Gamechangers Festival held in April 2019 in Vienna, Austria. This electric helicopter is expected to enter serial production in 2020.

EHang 216 Autonomous Aerial Vehicle

EHang 216 Specs

The EHang 216 AAV fuselage is made using carbon and metal composite materials to achieve the required strength-to-weight ratio. The body is supported by a rigid skid-type landing gear, which ensures sufficient distance between the ground and the rotor. Overall, EHang 216 has a length of 5.61 m, a height of 1.76 m, and a 360 kg curb weight.

EHang 216 AAV has two hinged gull wing doors at the top, which occupy less space and ensure an aerodynamic shape. Airplane cab is air-conditioned, internet capable, and has a fully furnished interior. EHang 216 has a small cabin structure, which can accommodate up to two passengers with enough legroom and luggage space. This electric helicopter is capable of carrying loads up to 260 kg.

The fuselage is equipped with four extended V-shaped supports, which spread the same distance, giving room for passengers to enter and exit. It was equipped with taxi / landing lights in front. This electric helicopter is equipped with a full backup system and a fail-safe system in the event of a system failure.

EHang 216 Specs

EHang 216 Engine and Performance

The EHang 216 AAV is powered by 16 electric motors connected to 16 propellers in a double baled coaxial design. This electric helicopter is equipped with a 17 kW battery, and in terms of energy consumption, this is comparable to an electric car. With the support of the electric engine, EHang 216 AAV is able to fly with a cruising speed of 150 km / hour. This electric helicopter is able to air for an hour and a half with a maximum flight range of 70 km, depending on the load.

EHang 216 Cockpit

EHang 216 Cockpit and Avionics

EHang 216 AAV can carry out fully autonomous flights using an integrated advanced flight control system, intelligent navigation system, and global positioning system (GPS). EHang aims to work with local aviation authorities to build intelligent command and shipping centers to provide reliable flight plans for aircraft.

EHang 216 is equipped with a computer visual system to ensure accurate take-off and vertical landing. System parameters can be monitored from the flight command and control center. The aircraft follows an inverted U-flight path, which reduces the need for excess maneuvering. Airplane flight paths, important flight parameters, and options in flight are displayed on tablets for passengers.

EHang 216 Price

The price of the latest EHang 216 autonomous aerial vehicle (AAV) is US $ 336 thousand. EHang entered into a strategic partnership with aerospace company Sino-Austria FACC to produce up to 300 aircraft in Austria by 2020 and up to 3,000 air taxis by 2025. The company also aims to start local production of units in North America and Asia.
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