AgustaWestland SW-4 Solo Specs, Cockpit, and Price

AgustaWestland SW-4 Solo Specs, Cockpit, and Price – SW-4 Solo is a military helicopter with a rotorcraft unmanned aerial system (RUAS) or a pilot-selected helicopter (OPH) produced by PZL-Świdnik in collaboration with AgustaWestland. RUAS variants are controlled through the Ground Control Station (GCS) which is common to Leonardo's RUAS. GCS includes Pilot Operator Position and Mission and allows control of all flight phases including engine shutdown, automatic takeoff, flight plans and implementation of emergency procedures, automatic ground operations and payloads.

SW-4 Solo RUAS variant is able to carry out a large spectrum of civil and military roles including disaster relief, cargo transportation for law enforcement, combat support, intelligence, monitoring targeting, and reconnaissance missions, both in the land and maritime environment. when tested, this platform can carry out manned activities including transportation of personnel, mission oversight and interdiction.

SW-4 Solo helicopter made its first flight on 27 February 2018 at the Taranto-Grottaglie Airport in southern Italy. The optional SW-4 Solo helicopter conducts a flight test for 45 minutes without a safety pilot on board. The helicopter reaches an altitude of 1,500 feet (457 meters) and speeds of 60 knots (111 km / h) during flights.

AgustasWestland SW-4 Solo Helicopter

AgustaWesland SW-4 Solo Specs

The design of the SW-4 Solo helicopter is based on the lightweight and proven EASA Puszczyk SW-4 utility helicopter. The drive system on the helicopter includes a three-blade main rotor and a two-blade tail rotor. The helicopter can be configured with a variety of mission and weaponry equipment. It has the ability to take off and land automatically and can be operated from various platforms in land and sea environments.

SW-4 Solo helicopter has a large cabin that can accommodate one pilot and up to four personnel. The cabin is equipped with unobstructed sliding doors and a flat floor and large luggage compartment. It can be configured with a loading kit that is best suited for carrying out various missions.

AgustaWesland SW-4 Solo Engine and Performance

SW-4 Solo RUAS and OPH helicopter are powered by a Rolls-Royce 250-C20R turboshaft engine which produces 450 shp of take-off power. The RUAS variant can fly with a maximum speed of 254 km / h when it is controlled remotely, while the OPH version has a speed of up to 204 km / h.

The maximum takeoff weight of the SW-4 Solo is 1,800 kg. Helicopters can fly to a range of more than 800 km with fuel reserves, whereas with no fuel reserves around 700 km. The helicopter can air for more than five hours.

AgustasWestland SW-4 Solo RUAS

AgustaWesland SW-4 Solo Cockpit and Avionics

The spacious SW-4 Solo cockpit is equipped with two doors to facilitate entry and exit for the operator. The OPH variant helicopter can be controlled by a pilot. Both variants of the SW-4 Solo are equipped with an integrated flight management system (FMS) to automate tasks in flight, and flight control systems (FCS) to control the direction of the helicopter during flight. Fully integrated digital autopilot with a precision navigation system installed to control flight paths.

The SELEX Galileo PicoSAR all-weather radar is also displayed on the Solo RUAS SW-4 variant as an electronically scanned surveillance radar (AESA) to detect moving objects within a distance of 20 km.

Flight and load of SW-4 Solo RUAS is controlled from a ground control station (GCS). The operator / pilot can access flight and status information through a multi-window and bookmark system. Mission planning is prepared using the flight planning interface in accordance with digital terrain elevation data maps (DTED).

Meanwhile, the command and control interface (C2) of the SW-4 Solo is integrated with a narrow line of sight data path (LOS) with a range of 100 nmi. The C2 system also includes broadband LOS data links for the transmission of payload images, video and telemetry data collected by rotorcraft.

AgustasWestland SW-4 Solo Specs

AgustaWesland SW-4 Solo Sensor

SW-4 Solo helicopter combines an enhanced vision system with aperture spread by VigilX (DAEVS), developed by SELEX Galileo. The vision system will provide enhanced situational awareness in all weather conditions during the day and night.

The GS410 multi-sensor gimballed electro-optical / infrared (EO / IR) payload system is also integrated in the SW-4 Solo helicopter. This multi-sensor will improve daytime surveillance and helicopter targeting capabilities. The GS410 is stabilized in four axes and offers 360 ° coverage. This helicopter is also equipped with a VISTA (IP video system awareness) camera system, and a harbor harbor system that facilitates landing and anchoring on ships.

AgustaWesland SW-4 Solo Price and Orders

The price of AgustaWesland SW-4 Solo helicopter is around US $ 2 Million. This helicopter is already operating together with the Polish and Italian military. At present the two countries continue to carry out tests, including system monitoring, out of control flight and long distance control, and flying activities.
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