KAI Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price

KAI Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) Specs, Engine, Cockpit, and Price – KAI LAH is a Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) which is being developed by Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) for the Republic of the Korean Army (RoKA). This helicopter can be used in several missions such as light attacks, close air support, escort and troop transportation.

KAI LAH helicopter made its inaugural flight in July 2019. RoKA is expected to acquire up to 200 LAH to replace the AH AH-1 Cobra helicopter and MD 500 Defender's old fleet. The first LAH is scheduled to enter service with RoKA in 2023.

KAI Light Armed Helicopter (LAH)


The KAI LAH fuselage is made of corrosion-resistant composite materials and other lightweight alloys. This helicopter uses Airbus's advanced rotor technology, reducing vibration and acoustic signatures. It is equipped with a Spheriflex main rotor head, which ensures a smooth ride along with superior handling and stability in flight when flying at higher speeds.

The KAI LAH helicopter is equipped with a boom tail mounted with a Fenestron tail rotor, which offers noise reduction, while increasing safety during low flight maneuvers, especially in confined areas. This helicopter also features an exhaust that is directed upward to minimize infrared (IR) signatures.

Overall the KAI LAH helicopter has a length of 14.3 m, a height of 4.3 m, and a rotor diameter of 12.6 m. The maximum takeoff weight of LAH is 4.9 t. The helicopter is equipped with a tri-cycle landing wheel that integrates a two-wheel nose unit and two main single-wheel units under the fuselage.

KAI Light Armed Helicopter cockpit

KAI LAH Cockpit and Avionics

The KAI LAH helicopter features a full glass cockpit that can accommodate two crew members (pilot and co-pilot). The cockpit is equipped with a large LCD screen to provide increased situational awareness.

The LAH helicopter is also equipped with an electro-optical/ infrared (EO/ IR) sensor mounted on the nose, as well as aircraft and missile mounted tail warning receivers.

KAI LAH Engine

The KAI LAH helicopter is powered by two Arriel 2L2 turboshaft engines supplied by Safran Helicopter Engine, which develops a maximum take-off power of 1,024 hp each. This engine features a new axial compressor, a new high pressure compressor diffuser, and a new generation of dual-channel full-authority digital engine control (OADEC) system.

Arriel 2L2 is the newest member of the Arriel family and is the most powerful version of Arriel developed by Safran to date. This will ensure better security, reliability and performance during challenging missions.

KAI Light Armed Helicopter specs

KAI LAH Weapons

The KAI LAH helicopter is armed with a 20 mm Gatling gun mounted on the chin. It also featured a stub wing with four hard points. At hard points under the wing it can be mounted with rocket pods.


The price of the KAI Light Armed Helicopter (LAH) is around US $ 10 Million.
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